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A Modest Proposal

The GV Dungeon rewards stupidity -- not as much as it rewards intelligence, but enough to draw flies, far too many flies. These flies are "Heroes" and "Heroines" [henceforth "Hero*"] whose behavior creates problems for others -- a bit like crying babies in theaters or airplanes, except their cries are silence. These are the players who enter the Dungeons but doom other players by making no effort to stay alive or take rational action. In the brief life of the English-language Dungeons, I’ve had five Dungeon-Crawls [DC] terminated by such players, and just as many more maimed by them.

The Dungeon reward structure needs reconsideration to reduce its abuse by such Heroes*. This is a topic of conversation all over Godville. I’ll propose some suggestions... add your thoughts:

  • Chastisement: A Hero* who fails to make an effort throughout a DC – who is defeated with no or negligable expended effort – should be chastised, not rewarded.
    • Defeated-Hero* rewards should be earned:
      • Defeat with Zero GP spent == Zero GC reward & no accumulated plunder
        • anything given before death should be rescinded, whether GC or plunder
        • it would be nice if the rescinded items were distributed to the living crawl-mates
      • Defeat with 0 < GP spent < n-GP :
        • the GC reward to defeated players would be proportional to the effort; if they spend “n” or more GP units in a given GC, they would receive the full reward for defeated players (whether that’s the current level or not is arguable elsewhere).
        • Artifact rewards would be rescinded from any players spending less than n-GP. (Refer above re’ redistribution).
  • Banishment: Players who fail to take reasonable action throughout a DC – who are defeated without any expended effort, for instance – should be banished. They should have their ability to make life unpleasant for others reduced: their return to the dungeon should be delayed
    • Defeat with Zero GP spent == Add b-hours of banishment to their re-entry timer; this would stay with the player until they redeem themselves (below). I would suggest b=72.
  • Redemption: Nothing is permanent. Forgive the Sinner.
    • Auto-redemption: The re-entry timer period would be reduced by r-hours each day. I would suggest b=1.
    • Self-redemption: In future DC, the Hero* would have their Banishment penalty reduced by vigorous effort. I’d suggest something like: b is reduced by 10xGP expended: e.g. if a H&H entered with a b=42 and spent 250% GP in the DC, they would leave with b=32.
  • Generosity: Bad things happen to good people. Had a player whose Cell-phone lost signal during GC, so they appeared AFK.
    • ¿Should one add ways of reducing the impact of the above for unfortunate folks? Various ways include:
      • DQ – Dungeon equivalent of IQ: some form of cumulative indicator of player effort which would prevent the rare episode from slapping a Hero* for uncontrolled AFK.
      • Oncie – Give players a one-time pass on the penalty [I’m not a fan of this].
  • Village Idiots are the norm
    • No mention of monumentally stupid players has been made, nor shall I pursue this beyond enumerating a few variants.. Their reward shall be in heaven....
      • Hero*es who repeatedly cast VC against a Deafening boss
      • Hero*es who cast unnecessary Punishes against Enlightened bosses, etc