Saiyan Gogeta

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"I am neither Goku nor Vegeta. I AM THE INSTRUMENT OF YOUR DEFEAT!"

I am Gogeta. I am the fusion of 2 of the strongest warriors in the entire galaxy.

There is a time limit to my fusion, in which we will separate and become 2 bodies again. If you ever see 2 buff guys in the middle of the woods doing a strange looking dance in unison and touching each other's fingers.......don't worry, that's "normal".....isn't it?

It doesn't matter, you won't live long enough to tell anyone. If you see me looking at you, it's too late. Just give me all your gold and bold items and I might let you go.

I come from the Planet Vegeta. More precisely, my 2 original bodies come from Planet Vegeta. The planet no longer exists, and I am looking for the being responsible for its destruction.

If you'd like to join my fight, please do. I have tracked him to the world of Godville. He lies somewhere in the city of Los Demonos, or in the surrounding area.