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An altar

What is a sacrifice? A sacrifice is, according to the all-knowing dictionary:

the offering of animal, plant, or human life or of some material possession to a deity, as in propitiation or homage.

In Godville, it is where heroes and heroines make offerings to their Gods and goddesses, who receive a substantial amount of godpower or experience, far more than a mere prayer. This is because there is substance to the hero's plea, either in the form of gold or a life, rather than just words. I suppose now you are wondering how a hero or heroine would go about making a sacrifice. Here is the idiot-proof (but certainly not hero-proof) guide on how to sacrifice to your God.

Guide to Sacrificing

A ruined church containing an altar
  1. First, the hero must be inclined to sacrifice to his God or Goddess. You can influence this decision by giving him an instruction.
  1. Next, he must find something to sacrifice. This will be usually be gold, but sometimes he may decide (of his own accord) to kill a monster in your honour. This will be the monster he is fighting at the time.
  1. Now he must find an altar. There are many scattered around the land of Godville, many of them old and crumbling away, but inside every church there is also a well-kept altar. The ancient altars, probably because of the magic in their construction, tend to provide more power. Also a hero will only sacrifice a monster outside a church. (They don't want their nice clean carpets covered in blood, do they?)
  1. Finally, he must make the sacrifice. When he sacrifices gold, he simply places it on the altar and it vanishes away, up into the sky. When he sacrifices a monster, he kills it on the altar and its life force is converted into power. Monsters give more godpower than gold, and the more gold he has the more he is likely to sacrifice.