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Towns of Godville
Home milestone Unknown
Map code ??
Known for Unknown
Motto ROFL

Roflopolis's location, population, disposition, and intention are still a mystery at this time, even to the Godville Administrators.

Game Notes

  • Artifacts may or may not sell here.
  • Heroes may be laughed out of various shops or taverns by the staff of the establishments.
  • Everyone who has tried to create a map of the town has died laughing in the process.
  • good heroes may or may not gain a buff here


Roflopolis has been rumored to exist since August, 2014. Its existence and location are yet to be confirmed by only the mightiest of heroes and heroines. It is also rumored that Roflopolis is the birthplace of the Gods and Goddesses of Godville, only to be lost in the secrets of history... and other lies. Only one hero, Nathan The 3rd, has claimed to have found it, but he was discredited due to his low level.

Theories As To Why No One Has Ever Reported Visiting Roflopolis

Theories abound as to the reasons why heroes or heroines have never reported visiting Roflopolis. Some of these include:

  • Roflopolis has banned beer. "Welcome to Roflopolis, we don't serve beer. ROFL!!!"
  • It stinks so bad, it even bothers heroes.
  • It's really, really small.
  • The beer there is spoiled. This has been disproven because spoiled beer is not a sufficient deterrent for heroes.
  • Heroes are embarrassed to admit not knowing whether Roflopolis is pronounced as 'Row-flop-o-lus' or 'Rauf-lop-o-less'.
  • The hospitals have only ugly nurses.
  • The hospitals have only beautiful nurses, and they make heroes feel bad about themselves.
  • The entire place is inhabited by angry moles.
  • The cafes don't serve waffles, but they do serve rofles.
  • Only losers visit Roflopolis.
  • Nobody believes that the signs to Roflopolis could point to a real place.
  • Alternatively, one or more of the signs pointing to Roflopolis may have been turned to point back toward Godville, causing heroes to repeatedly turn around between two signs, until they aren't paying enough attention and pass one of them.
  • A Troll Booth Attendant wielding a Mace of Amnesia is stationed at the gate, wishing every departing traveler a safe journey.
  • The only access to the town is by roflcopter, a technology not yet invented in Godville.
  • Roflopolis is invisible to heroes while they're awake.
  • A strange aura surrounds miles around Roflopolis, making it look like Pale Ale Hell.
  • Roflopolis is in the opposite direction of the path all heroes take.
  • The gods never came to a consensus about where it should be, so it's still waiting to be told where to establish itself.
  • It's a really big place actually. It's just that every time heroes arrive, they can never leave... without dying out of laughter of course.
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