Rockstar's leather jacket

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Equipment of Godville
Rockstar's leather jacket
Worn 👕Body
Durability +11
Description The leather jacket of an deceased undisclosed rock star.

The Rock star's Leather Jacket is a Leather Jacket of a yet undiscovered rock star. Pretty Simple Right? Some say it used to belong to a member of The Rolling Ogres while other point to the Beetles. No matter whose Leather Jacket it was its pretty worn out,decreasing it's durability an trading value.


This Jacket has been circulating through Godville for so long that not a single soul remembers whose jacket it was. Many Scholars have scoured the Godville Times and none have found the mention of a leather jacket theft. This means that either the times didn't care about a single theft, the Rock star wasn't really a star, or both. Its been around for so long that traders see no difference between it and any other leather Jacket you can buy at the store. It's very similar to the Spiked leather jacket but it used to belong to a Rock Star. How do we know? Because the jacket has a Name tag on it saying "Belongs to a Rock star! in scribbly handwriting, so that probably means it's true right?