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Every Generation has a revolution. This Generation's is to kill. Rise of Evil was brought on one belief, and one belief alone: To spread darkness and terror through out the land. Generations have proven to be weak through peace and trust but we know better then that. Through our torture and punishing, we hope to make the world a darker place. We are natural selection at its prime, we have taken out the weak and all that truly remains is the rich and elite. Remember, Strength can only be found in darkness, for those who follow the paths of peace and good: we will Infiltrate your ranks, Destroy you and Rebuild you as Evil. Ancient knowledge is everything, It was what made us who we are today.

Rise of Evil
Motto: Kill,Slay,Conquer
Alignment: Evil
Gold Fund: 25245 c.u. c.u.
Date Founded:  14th April 2011
Membership Count: 41
Town with Greatest Influence: Herolympus (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: Who cares? We're RoE!!!
Forum Headquarters: Rise of Evil
Guild Page: Rise of Evil 
Data current as of 14th February 2015

And so it began...

Rise of Evil was created with one simple goal, complete and utter domination. At any cost. Within days of its creation the ranks began to swell with the most diabolical and mightiest of players, ones that dominate the highest ranks of Pantheons. From our inception, our reputation has been a fierce one, with our brothers taking on and conquering the most feared and experienced players in the game. All of our members, no matter what level, are that of a different class, whether it be veteran players that are known for their Might, Greed, Taming or Construction or whether it be newer players that have only found themselves beginning to climb the ranks of destruction, everyone is welcome if they are willing to strive to be the best and evil as they can be.

Gods fall before us, and bow to our might! Did you say you doubted us? Put us to test. Just keep in mind that it took less then 2 weeks for us to rise to the highest levels for our Unity.

Together Godville Will Fall!!!


If your dark enough you may apply on our forum. As a movement, we The Evil Coalition can kill all that is good and make Godville the type of home for all our Evil Hero's.

So your a Good aligned guild?

Aggression will be administered to all guilds who are good aligned. Your members will serve their purpose as gold farms for our Evil Elite Warriors. If you wish for the punishment to stop then join the Dark Side and start punishing that do-gooder. You are always welcome amoung our ranks if your guild don't follow your heart!


Are you new to the game. Do you want you want to be mighty and powerful, and spread chaos throughout Godville. Do you want to have ancient knowledge of wisdom. Rise of evil offers a variety of things. Join us and you will find the truth and become unblinded.

Rise of Evil has open recruitment.

If you wish to just join the guild then make sure your Evil and then send the voice command: join 'Rise of Evil' guild!

We welcome you... The future of Godvilles Elite dark Warriors to join us in the Rise of Evil!

Rise of Evil: The Guild that cares as it’s slitting your throat.