Ring of opacity

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Equipment of Godville
Ring of opacity
Worn 🍀Talisman
Durability +80
Description A magical sapphire ring

The Ring of Opacity is a magical talisman. When first equipped, it slightly increases the opacity of a hero or heroine. This effect is as useless as it sounds, but not for what you might think. It gives the wearer a sort of cartoon outline that distinguishes them from any background. This greatly hampers the stealth of an adventurer.

Over time, a hero will bond with their ring of opacity. When this bond begins to develop the wearer will lose their outline, and eventually they will be able to reduce their opacity on demand. The ring of opacity works extremely well with other stealth increasing equipment and is highly valued by heroes in the know looking to make a stealth build, or at least those wanting to fight less monsters.

The ring is incredibly useful when combined with the Opacity control skill - it allows a hero to vanish from sight by instantly reducing their opacity to 0% for a nigh unavoidable critical hit on the next turn.