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Righteous guild!
Alignment: Monsters Not Allowed! (yet...)
Totem Monster: Karate Kitten
Gold Fund: <30,000 c.u.
Leader: GodThe Omnipotent Fred 
Date Founded: June 2012. Celebrating over 8 years of total RIGHTEOUSNESS!
Membership Count: Rooms available for over 100 glorious Deities, including YOU!
Forum Headquarters: Righteous guild!
Guild Page: Righteous guild! 
Data current as of October 2020
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Their message is:







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Our esteemed scribe GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜 has been missing for some time. Coincidentally, much of the guild's beer supply has gone missing around the same time. If anyone has information as to the missing scribe and beer (presumably linked) please drop a line at the guild hall.


Hello!, and welcome to Righteous guild! We're glad you stopped by. We aren't the largest guild in Godville, or the smallest. What we are though, is one of the weirdest, most eclectic and fun-loving guilds here. So, if you feel like being a bit anarchistic, if you like to kid around a lot, if you like to say things just to see what other people do, then you are in the right spot!

And BTW, we don't care if you aren't RIGHTEOUS, either. In fact, some of our best friends are good. We don't hold that against them. They just can't help themselves, they were born that way, usually. So, if you feel better being vicious, or still pure evil!, welcome aboard. And even if you do happen to be righteous, don't worry. We still have plenty of room and fellowship for you!

We also have an active Guild Council, where the gods and goddesses let their figurative hairdos down, and say what's on their minds. If that sounds like you, you would be most welcome to make a home here. There are some easy directions below to help you join and stay in the guild. If you are having difficulties, please drop us a line at the guild forum page, and we will gladly assist you.

To all those discerning goddesses and gods who have already joined in our adventures and misadventures, please don't forget to announce yourselves as soon as possible in the Guild Council on your 'Friends' page. We will do our very best to show you a warm welcome.

In any event, welcome to Righteous guild!, and our Wiki Page! We have much here that we're proud of, and we're glad for the opportunity to share it with you.

Joining the Guild


If you would like to join our guild, copy and paste either of the “Join” or “Enroll” Voice Commands in red below. Wait until your hero|ine is traveling (not drinking in-town, on the road sleeping under a tree somewhere, busy fighting monsters, losing in the arena, etc.) then send one of these to your hero|ine as a Voice Command.

Join “Righteous guild!” guild
Enroll “Righteous guild!” guild

Voice commands are sent on your “Remote” page area where it says ‘God Voice’. Type in or paste the VCs and click or tap where it says "Send".

Continue to send the "Join/Enroll" VC about once a minute or so until your hero|ine responds positively indicating they've understood you. After a half-dozen or so attempts, if your hero hasn't canceled his old quest and taken up a new line of work, then come back shortly and try again. You'll find that most heroines aren't nearly that stubborn or difficult.


Your original quest will be AUTOMATICALLY canceled when you send the "Join/Enroll" VC. If you cancel your quest FIRST, you'll need to wait about an hour to receive another quest, and THEN repeat this before joining us.

Guilds are a place for fellowship and mutual assistance. When joining the guild, please give us a shoutout in the Guild Council. The GC is located in your 'Friends' section. Just click or tap where it says 'Guild Council'. We all are right there. It certainly isn't mandatory, but we'll do our best to make you welcome into the guild.

Many new players can be 'confused' by the unique play format of Godville. We are here to help you get settled in to your new 'halo' or 'pitchfork'. So regardless of whether you consider yourself good or evil, if you are a newly minted god or an elder player, we are ready to give you a hand.

Staying in the Guild

If your hero|ine shows their silly side and decides to leave the guild, send a Voice Command as above to:

Cancel Quest, Abandon Quest, or
Stop Quest

Any of these will work. If your hero|ine doesn't listen at first, they might be busy. Wait until they are not busy: drinking, battling monsters, carousing, eating, drinking, sleeping, taking care of other bodily needs, visiting a tavern, drinking in a tavern, passed out in a tavern, etc. Did I mention drinking? Just keep repeating your Voice Command until they reply with a cancellation message. This might require several messages, hero|ines are sometimes cranky and self-absorbed.

Once they have gained the rank of Grand Master, your hero|ine will cease their wandering ways and remain loyal to the guild, providing you periodically check on their welfare every couple of weeks or so. After a certain time, unsupervised hero|ines automatically renounce their hard-earned guild rank and become an unguilded “Ronin” doomed to wander through Godville, a horrifying end to any hero|ine's career.


In order for us to demonstrate true guild fellowship, open communications are important. Here at Righteous guild! we have five main ways of communicating with each other:

  • The Righteous guild! Guild Council - This is the primary way we chat back-and-forth. It's located in your 'Friends' section. Look for the 'Guild Council' area, and click or tap there. We're all hanging out in the neighborhood somewhere. You must be at least a recruit or higher to participate. This allows you several days to observe discussions and get a feel for the council. We just ask you to please keep it civil. We have younger ears listening in than you might think. It has been many months since anyone has been expelled from the council, and we don't want ANYONE to change that anytime soon.
  • Private Messaging (or PM, PMing), is friend-to-friend chat in your 'Friends' section. You would have received five “Invites to Godville” when you first started playing. You will also receive invites from time to time during gameplay. These can be highly sought after, as well as valuable items. Befriending fellow Rg! guildmates would certainly be a useful way to dispose of any surplus invites.
  • The Guild Godwiki (or Guildwiki) page – This page that you're reading is a centralized area providing general information about Righteous guild!, and the goings-on of the glorious deities, heroes and heroines that dwell here. This Guildwiki is a collaborative effort of all guild members to share our common knowledge and practices, and for the benefit of our fellow guild members and the Godville community in general. Just like the Guild, no one 'owns' this Guildwiki; it's here as a common resource to be shared by all, to be supported by all, and, when necessary, to be improved by all.
  • The Wiki Talk Page (The discussion page for this Guild Wiki) - A place for you to leave 'Nominations', wiki updates, new honors you have gained that need to be promoted for Rg! glory, new ideas for the Wiki page, things you like, things you don't like, any typos you may have noticed [shudder], and all those other sundry and related wiki-type items.
  • The Righteous guild! Forum Thread (Our guild's forum thread) - A place for members and others to chat, ask questions, and watch and show how well we work together as a guild.


If you belong on, but were inadvertently left off any Guildwiki lists, if there is any neglected Wiki business, if you desire to chew the fat (Ewwww!), swap lies or other godly and goddessly stuff, if you just want to see your Deity's name posted around here somewhere, or ESPECIALLY if you've located any ransom notes concerning our missing Rg! officers and staff, then PLEASE! send a Guild Council or private message to the Guild leadership, deities GodYOUR NAME HERE  or GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜 , or leave us a message on the Talk Page, and we'll attempt to remedy it forthwith, or fifthwith, or something close like that.

The Legend Of Our Creation

Some gods think GodShadowdarkstar 庙  created Righteous guild! when he decided that he would like his hero, Shadowdragon69, to be a lone ranger. The guild wasn't supposed to be big. It was just supposed to be him.

Another theory has that GodShadowdarkstar 庙  didn't know much about guilds and ended up creating one of his own. Because, why not? Sure, you could join an established guild, but a smaller guild is just as good. Plus, there's a whole lot less drama, if you're not a drama queen.

Believe whichever you like. Come up with your own crazy idea about it. Maybe there's a googly-eyed chicken or a bi-polar bear in your story. Or then again, maybe not.

One additional matter of a pressing nature needs to be dealt with here. There are scurrilous and scandalous rumors concerning the origins of Righteous guild! that need to be cracked like a partially broken egg. The fowl tales considering the relationship between certain founding members, free-ranging 3D chickens and googly eyes are totally and completely unfounded. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any innuendos or insinuations to the contrary will be dealt with harshly! Anyone with additional information should be lured to The Guildhall and quickly shipped out of town like a holiday turkey.

In the News!

Memorable media mentions (with new items through 21 Sep 2018, 3056 g.e.) concerning all things Righteous guild! In the guiding spirit that any publicity is good publicity (as long as our names get spelled correctly), we present this list of gratuitous, varied, yet vital boosts to our corporate self-esteem.

A BRIEF EXPLANATORY NOTE: As many long-term guild members are aware, continuing labor strife has created an opportunity for striking scribes to destroy and/or hold our vital guild records for ransom. Anyone with information about missing articles that should be included here are encouraged to divulge said knowledge to the usual authorities.

827 g.e., 14 Aug 2012, Issue #581 • Our guild was listed in the Godville Times for having 2% guild popularity in Herolympus. This is the biggest thing that has happened to us since we hit 100 members! A mention is great for the guild's publicity.

831 g.e., 18 Aug 2012, Issue #585 • Our guild was listed yet again in the Godville Times. This time it's for having 1% guild popularity in Herolympus. Doesn't take much to get in here!

1225 g.e., 16 Sep 2013, Issue #979 • The excellent nutrition of the “guild” guild has made members of the “Righteous guild!” guild extremely jealous. Unfortunately, this is true. But we have bigger and fancier centerpieces!

1442 g.e., 21 Apr 2014, Issue #1196 • Righteous guild! was in the Godville Times for having 2% popularity in Trollbridge! This is great for our guild!

1943 g.e., 4 Sep 2015, Issue #1697 •
Bingo Rankings from 3 Sep 2015:
Ranking: #1 | Score: 72 | GodMarvin The Adequate 庙舟畜

After extensive hands-on, and time-consuming research, our detail-oriented actuarial scientists can categorically state: Getting a #1 score in the new Bingo! section is definitely harder than it looks!

2076 g.e., 15 Jan 2016, Issue #1831 • NERMAL DE SMURF - 64th-level adventurer, former member of the “Righteous guild!” guild, with the motto “Meow for now”, stands at the 71st position in the Pantheon of Duelers under the vigilant supervision of the god GodLARGE ORANGE CAT 庙 . He is deeply gratified by his place in the pantheon and is not planning to give it up any time soon. Any members tired of having sand kicked in their faces at Last Resort are encouraged to contact this valiant and high-ranked deity.

2093 g.e., 1 Feb 2016, Issue #1850 •
Bingo Rankings from 31 Jan 2016:
Ranking: #1 | Score: 50 | GodMarmitta 庙舟畜
Ranking: 60 | Score: 22 | GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜
Ranking: 92 | Score: 20 | GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜

An excellent #1 ranking and score for Marmitta on a hard-to-score day, and a rare “hat trick” for our tiny guild, putting three members in the top 100.

2098 g.e., 6 Feb 2016 • Master raconteur, consummate crossword conqueror, and all-around guildist mainstay, GodMarvin The Adequate 庙舟畜 , achieved an amazing, and all-time record-breaking (for us) Number Two position in the vaunted Pantheon of Storytelling, proving that all good tales don't necessarily need even a smidgen of truth to sound funny!

2141 g.e., 20 Mar 2016, Issue #1896 •
Bingo Rankings from 19 Mar 2016:
Ranking: #1 | Score: 57 | GodMarmitta 庙舟畜
Ranking: 80 | Score: 25 | GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜
Ranking: 89 | Score: 24 | GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜

Once again, one of our consistently high-scorers, the marvelous Marmitta, shows all Godville how it's done. With help from those same two sidekicks, scoring another “hat trick” for Righteous guild!

2146 g.e., 25 Mar 2016, Issue #1901 •
Bingo Rankings from 24 Mar 2016:
Ranking: 19 | Score: 35 | GodMarmitta 庙舟畜
Ranking: 70 | Score: 24 | GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜
Ranking: 99 | Score: 21 | GodMarvin The Adequate 庙舟畜

Sowing fear and terror into the hearts of handicappers throughout the land, the usual suspects strike again!

2160 g.e., 8 Apr 2016 • The mysterious and masterful goddess GodMirasa 庙舟畜  today became our very first Righteous guild!mate to complete and launch an ark. Congratulations to our seagoing deity! Now booking local charters for three-hour tours, specializing in investment, entertainment and educational clients.

2212 g.e., 30 May 2016 • Now that the Guild Rating Sweeps are over, the most recent Customer Service survey is in, with some intriguing results:

“Seems like a good guild ... The best Godwiki page I've seen in my years in [G]odville ... The only guild that actively welcomed one of my heroes ... A good group for socializing ... None of my guilds has ever had so much useful information on its godwiki page.”

So it seems like we're doing something right! Obviously, a serious mistake has been made here...

2230 g.e., 17 Jun 2016, Issue #1987 •
Bingo Rankings from 16 Jun 2016:
Ranking: 41 | Score: 29 | GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜
Ranking: 46 | Score: 28 | GodMarmitta 庙舟畜
Ranking: 92 | Score: 22 | GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜

After a nearly-three-month absense from the triple score rankings, those usual suspects of the Righteous guild! player cadre bounce right back to their somewhat usual form, lead by their former Fearless Leader hisself, the warm and witty, WangDoodle!

2827 g.e., 4 Feb 2018, Issue #2583 • On only the fifth day of Guild Spotlight listings, those erudite and tasteful experts at our favorite news source chose us as one of their leading guilds. They assuredly know high quality when they see it: “Righteous guild! is a group of brave adventurers at the 77th postion of the Pantheon of Unity. 'Fowlmancers' — that's how the elite of this guild like to call themselves. The guild's unity increases with dropping temperatures.” Any claims by rival guilds that it was necessary to eliminate the riff-raff first is a bold-faced attempt at false news!

2977 g.e., 4 Jul 2018, Issue #2733 • The staff and employees at the Godville Times wish to express their undying gratitude for our general efforts to keep them employed, and one special Goddess in particular. According to the powers that be, “It's a good thing people like GodParoidia 庙write into the ideabox, or we'd be out of a job.” Three cheers for her and all our economic stimuli!

3050 g.e., 15 Sep 2018, Issue #2806 • After being absent for what seems like years, our guild is once again in the Godville Times' town listings. Not in our usual cellar locations, but actually in Herowin's 7th place (with 3% popularity), ahead of two other guilds! If you think this is easy, try doing it some time!

3056 g.e., 21 Sep 2018, Issue #2812 •Apparently, it's easier than the editorial scribes think. Some hero|ine or hero|ines unknown is rapidly elevating the rising good repute of Righteous guild! to an unheard of heighth of 3% popularity (and third place!) in the Herolympus uplands. Any guildmates with tendencies towards vertigo or nosebleeds are advised to bypass this area temporarily.

3327 g.e., 19 June 2019, Issue #3083 •GodThe Mighty Stang 庙  says that yes, his ER correction skills are innate reflexes, and no, he will not autograph the reporter's t-shirt. Clearly he has been todying to the devs. That explains the large amounts of beer that has been found on the guild hall front porch.

3690 g.e., 16 June 2020, Issue #3446 • Righteous guild! is a group of 31 brave adventurers, who have climbed to 42nd position in the pantheon of unity. The people muttering about “the good old days” in this guild are known as “fowlmancer”. Guild's unity increases with dropping temperature.

While these are definitely some remarkable events, we certainly hope more and better highlights are yet to come. For this reason, without causing too much undue stress or creating macro-economic effects with unintended consequences, all members are urgently requested to hurry up and get rich or famous in whatever particular way they desire, (just as soon as it's practically possible).

Guild Leadership

Righteous guild! has a long, proud history of benign leadership. In fact, we are so proud of our Fearless Leaders, we wish to enshrine their illustrious and glorious names here. This distinguished list allows us to pinpoint, with an amazing degree of accuracy, the almost exact dates of leadership to within approximately one month of the solar year. In this manner, no matter what rumours, defamations, calumnies or traducements might be cast about concerning our worshipful and benevolent leaders, we can properly assign to them whatever appropriate guilt, responsibility or penalties might be forthcoming.

In that spirit of gratitude and respect, we present the irreplaceable past and present leadership of Righteous guild!

Our Beloved and Current FEARLESS LEADER!

GodTara108 庙舟畜May 2021 - present

Past leaders who are now FEARFUL!

GodNosher 庙舟畜January 2021 - April 2021

GodThe Omnipotent Fred 庙舟畜September 2020 - January 2021

GodPeanutbutterjelly 庙March 2020 - September 2020

GodBezel Bum 庙畜October 2019 - February 2020

GodHis portliness 庙畜June 2019 - October 2019

GodCorvus nox 庙Jan 2019 – May 2019

GodMarmitta 庙舟畜Sep 2018 – Jan 2019


GodParoidia 庙Jun 2017 - Oct 2017


GodTheAlmightyLunk 庙舟畜Sep 2016 — Unknown

GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜May 2016 — Sep 2016

GodDismalstream317 庙Dec 2015 — May 2016

GodAkaihane 庙Aug 2015 — Dec 2015

GodMillomo 庙Apr 2015 — Aug 2015

GodJim Farmer 庙Past leader? (probably apocryphal)

GodI AM TIRED OF THIS  Past leader? (questionable)

GodShadowdarkstar 庙Jun 2012 — Unknown

Unfortunately, many guild records were destroyed during those regrettable succession struggles of our recent and somewhat-faded past. In an attempt to recreate our glorious, but somewhat spotty history, any previous members, archivists, record-keepers, or other interested parties with any additional information are encouraged to contact the hard-working, but imprecise guild scribes to have all of their increasingly doubtful recollections included here.

Ranking Members

Congratulations to all these Glorious Deities who, with their longstanding dedication to Righteous guild!, act as the best role models possible for all those younger deities needing a good guide to sacred behavior.


⭐ Honored FOWLMANCER GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant hero, Awesome Sods (If you've seen him, let us know! Free beer for your troubles.)

⭐ Honored FOWLMANCER GodMarmitta 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant heroine, Spinterogeno

⭐ Honored FOWLMANCER GodTheAlmightyLunk 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant hero, Harlad

⭐ Honored FOWLMANCER GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant heroine, WangFlanger

X⭐ Honored FOWLMANCER GodParoidia 庙舟  championed by her valiant hero, Conophytum

Honored FOWLMANCER GodWhovian4lif 庙  championed by her valiant heroine, Whovian4lif

🌟 Honored PROPHET GodMirasa 庙舟畜  championed by her valiant hero, Traumen

Honored PROPHET GodUberpicklemonkey 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant hero, Sun-Wukong

X Honored REGENT GodLegesus 庙  championed by his valiant hero, FidgetMasta.

X Honored PATRIARCH GodAecha Callysta 庙  championed by her valiant hero, Otho Marcellius

⭐ Honored PATRIARCH GodBezel bum 庙畜  championed by his valiant hero, Bezeldoo

Honored PATRIARCH GodMegabozzo  championed by his valiant hero, Grippesou

⭐ Honored MATRIARCH GodAmathos 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant heroine, Lenika

🌟 Honored HIERARCH GodCorvus nox  championed by his valiant heroine, Druid Nevermore

⭐ Honored HIERARCH GodAragock  championed by his valiant heroine, Apfelsine

X Honored HIERARCH GodEKaterinik 庙舟畜  championed by her valiant hero, Simbik

⭐ Honored CARDINAL GodHis portliness  championed by his valiant hero, The thingamajig

Honored CARDINAL GodToasteh 庙  championed by his valiant hero, RadBread

Honored CARDINAL GodNine Billion Names  championed by his valiant hero, George Hanley

X Honored CARDINAL GodSuperconscious  championed by her valiant hero, Subconsciousness

X Honored GRAND MASTER GodQuistis 庙舟畜  championed by his valiant hero, Leon Walker

🌟 HONORED VOTER in the latest guild election. The Guild Council humbly THANKS YOU! for your participation and civic-mindedness.

Guild Advancement

WARNING:The following information is available strictly for the use of Registered Deities! Heroes and heroines cannot conceive of the geological time periods involved here. They have been known to become despondent and even suicidal after attempting to reconcile these vast tracts of time with their dreary, humdrum and, most importantly, DAILY existence, which, as all Deities know, is nasty, brutish and short! Only Beings able to understand how even lengthy processes do eventually conclude can be privy to these timelines.

This warning SHOULD NOT be ignored as many heroes and even some heroines have been known to become a danger to themselves or others after inadvertent disclosures of these secrets. This is not to excuse their ordinary, everyday, normally-dangerous behaviours, just a reminder that if and when they do die, as their deity, it should be by your will, and in your service.

Upcoming Rank Available Upon Your Advancement In
Fan Joining 24 hours
Intern 1st day 2 days
Recruit 3rd day 5 days
Follower 8th day 10 days
Master 18th day 17 days
Chief Master 35th day 25 days
Advisor 60th day 30 days
Grand Master 90th day 45 days
Cardinal 135th day 65 days
Hierarch 200th day 100 days
Pat/Matriarch 300th day 150 days
Regent 450th day 150 days
Prophet 600th day 200 days
Fowlmancer 800th day The Far Distant Future

Permanent guild membership is now attained at the Grand Master rank. From this point on your hero or heroine will remain a member in good standing as long as you don't ignore them for more than 28 days. If you do so, they will renounce their guild rank in a fit of pique, desert this fellowship, and evermore wander alone and aimless throughout the hive of scum and villainy that is Godville.

Provisional Members

Congratulations to all these guild members who, though not quite yet Grand Masters, have expressed through word or deed, their desire to remain, participate, and fulfill the glorious future beckoning to all Righteous guild! mates.

GodUno Milkmilk 庙  championed by his often-wandering hero, Lily VIII!

GodMarmittas Conscience  championed by his dipsomaniacal hero, Home Wrecker!

You and your hero|ine can get added here. Please don't wait for weeks or months until they grow up slowly to become a major nuisance, errr, presence in the guild. Contribute to the so-called, alleged “wisdom” shared in the Guild Council, and advance to a Provisional member today! It's easy, painless and a whole lot of fun. Speak up now! It's your Deity-given right as a Righteous guild! member.

Nominated Members

We feel that every Deity has a special talent or talents that they bring with them when they choose to join in fellowship with a guild. Some Deities like to lead, others prefer to work behind the scenes; all aid in advancing the guild's goals! Certain members would like to caution their fellow members of areas that might be considered specialties, such as chicken-plucking; monster-baiting; designing of fanciful artworks; counterfeiting, errrr “reproduction engraving”, or such like. Ahhhhh, counterfeiter perhaps might not be the wise choice to discuss here, but never mind that for now.

We find that things work best when we work our best together. Please, speak up in the Guild Council and let us know what you consider to be your most valuable talents so you can join your fellow guildmates here.

GodWangDoodle 庙舟畜  • Nominated for Chief of Research & Development — Googleyed Enterprises, Ltd.

GodToasteh 庙  • Nominated for Best Baker and Muffin Maker, Soup-chef, and Menu Designer of Glorious Repasts

GodTheAlmightyLunk 庙舟畜  • Nominated for Monitor of Mnemonic Memes, Director of GIF Production, and Head Explorer of Abyssal Realms

GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜  • Nominated for Head Scribe, Worrier of Words and Loser of Lists

Medallion Owners

Please help us celebrate all of these, our past and present proud deities, of at least Grand Master rank, who have had these glorious edifices, and more erected in their honor by their hard-working heroes and heroines:


COMING SOON! GodWhovian4lif 庙 'S NEW ARK!

COMING SOON! GodParoidia 庙 'S NEW ARK!

COMING SOON! GodEKaterinik 庙 'S NEW ARK!

🍻GodLegesus 庙  • Temple 27479 completed on 3006 g.e. (02 Aug 2018), by his dedicated hero, FidgetMasta.

GodCestil 庙  • Temple completed on 2515 g.e. (29 Mar 2017), by her dedicated hero, Matt Bomer

GodYoloLoo 庙  • Temple completed on 2498 g.e. (12 Mar 2017), by his dedicated hero, YoloLoo

GodEevee McEevee 庙  • Temple completed on 2486 g.e. (28 Feb 2017), by his dedicated heroine, Leafeon-Eevee

🍻GodWhovian4lif 庙  • Temple completed on 2410 g.e. (14 Dec 2016), by her dedicated heroine, Whovian4lif

🍻GodParoidia 庙  • Temple completed on 2341 g.e. (6 Oct 2016), by her dedicated hero, Conophytum

🍻GodEKaterinik 庙畜  • Temple 19826 completed on 2288 g.e. (14 Aug 2016), by her dedicated hero, Simbik • She's also the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 2753 g.e. (22 Nov 2017).

🍻GodToasteh 庙  • Temple completed on 2286 g.e. (12 Aug 2016), by his dedicated hero, RadBread

GodPianist 庙  • Temple completed on 2235 g.e. (22 Jun 2016), by his dedicated heroine, Tater-

GodGenez5 庙  • Temple completed on 2233 g.e. (20 Jun 2016), by his dedicated hero, Sir Gottardo

GodThannix 庙  • Temple completed on 2209 g.e. (27 May 2016), by his dedicated hero, Darklight136

🍻GodTheAlmightyLunk 庙畜  • Temple completed on 2203 g.e. (21 May 2016), by his dedicated hero, Harled • He's also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 2320 g.e. (15 Sep 2016)

🍻GodWangDoodle 庙  • Temple completed on 2203 g.e. (21 May 2016), by his dedicated heroine, WangFlanger

GodMercydrops 庙  • Temple completed on 2183 g.e. (1 May 2016), by her dedicated heroine, Odette Collingwood

GodThe Badass 庙  • Temple completed on 2176 g.e. (24 Apr 2016), by her dedicated hero, Charlie Atwater

GodChocopie123 庙  • Temple completed on 2174 g.e. (22 Apr 2016), by his dedicated hero, Chocoby

GodTurtle Lion 庙  • Temple completed on 2161 g.e. (9 Apr 2016), by her dedicated heroine, Willow Grimm

GodR1k1m4ru 庙  • Temple completed on 2143 g.e. (22 Mar 2016), by his dedicated hero, Bloody Assasin

GodLiladel 庙  • Temple completed on 2141 g.e. (20 Mar 2016), by her dedicated heroine, Jocarra

GodAkaihane 庙  • Temple completed on 2137 g.e. (16 Mar 2016), by her dedicated hero, Faol

🍻GodMarmitta 庙畜  • Temple completed on 2134 g.e. (13 Mar 2016), by his dedicated hero, Spinterogeno • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 2266 g.e. (23 May 2016)

GodKaraeir 庙  • Temple completed on 2133 g.e. (12 Mar 2016), by her dedicated hero, Shekhel-Khan

GodB08 庙  • Temple completed on 2117 g.e. (25 Feb 2016), by his dedicated hero, He1en

🍻GodThe Mighty Stang 庙畜  • Temple completed on 2102 g.e. (10 Feb 2016), by his dedicated hero, Awesome Sods • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion

GodTonkata96 庙  • Temple completed on 2102 g.e. (10 Feb 2016), by his dedicated hero, Lawly

GodAbcqwertyu 庙  Formerly known as Nyxen • Temple completed on 2056 g.e. (26 Dec 2015), by his dedicated hero, Abcqwertyu (also previously known as Nyxen)

GodMarvin The Adequate 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 1981 g.e. (12 Oct 2015), by his dedicated hero, Ishkebibble • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 2206 g.e. (24 May 2016) • And the owner of an Ark completed on 2517 g.e. (31 Mar 2017)

GodCaptain Skinny 庙  • Temple completed on 1971 g.e. (2 Oct 2015), by his dedicated hero, Chuckenheimer

GodThe Holy Waffle 庙  • Temple completed on 1922 g.e. (14 Aug 2015), by his dedicated hero, Wafflelander

GodDevil007 庙  • Temple completed on 1895 g.e. (18 Jul 2015), by his dedicated hero, Gods glory

GodMillomo 庙  • Temple completed on 1878 g.e. (1 Jul 2015), by her dedicated heroine, Keishaya

GodSencho 庙  • Temple completed on 1807 g.e. (21 Apr 2015), by his dedicated heroine, Lhessis

🍻GodAmathos 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 1764 g.e. (9 Mar 2015), by his dedicated heroine, Lenika • Also, the proud owner of an Ark completed on 2409 g.e. (13 Dec 2016) • And an Animalist medallion owner since 2504 g.e. (18 March 2017)

GodDriya 庙  • Temple completed on 1726 g.e. (30 Jan 2015), by her dedicated heroine, Derith

GodDylanwaynebull 庙  • Temple completed on 1719 g.e. (23 Jan 2015), by his dedicated hero, D-bull

GodNekratal 庙畜  • Temple completed on 1710 g.e. (14 Jan 2015), by his dedicated hero, Epicus Heroicus • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion

GodKeyser-Soze 庙  • Temple completed on 1669 g.e. (4 Dec 2014), by his dedicated hero, Stirling Archer

GodSkiel89 庙  • Temple completed on 1647 g.e. (12 Nov 2014), by his dedicated hero, Terrarion

GodMadameJulie 庙  • Temple completed on 1591 g.e. (17 Sep 2014), by her dedicated heroine, Katie Smith

GodPinger3 庙  • Temple completed on 1415 g.e. (25 Mar 2014), by his dedicated hero, Pinger3

GodTypheous 庙畜  • Temple completed on 1413 g.e. (23 May 2014), by his dedicated hero, Crophon • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion

🍻GodMirasa 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 1386 g.e. (24 Feb 2014), by her dedicated hero, Traumen • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 2138 g.e. (17 Mar 2016) • Our very FIRST incumbent Sailor, with her Ark completed on 2160 g.e. (8 Apr 2016)

GodDecayedwolf 庙  • Temple completed on 1288 g.e. (18 Nov 2013), by his dedicated hero, Decayedwolf

GodShadowdarkstar 庙  • Temple completed on 1235 g.e. (26 Sep 2013), by his dedicated hero, Shadowdragon69

GodIAINWOLF 庙  • Temple completed on 1126 g.e. (9 Jun 2013), by his dedicated hero, Golgotha

GodOlympian12 庙舟  • Temple completed on 1112 g.e. (26 May 2013), by his dedicated hero, Gpal • Also, the proud owner of an Ark

GodDementia 庙  • Temple completed on 1037 g.e. (12 Mar 2013), by her dedicated hero, Proto11

🍻GodUberpicklemonkey 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 1008 g.e. (11 Feb 2013), by his dedicated hero, Sun-Wukong • Also, the proud owner of an Ark, completed on 2281 g.e. (7 Aug 2016) • And an Animalist medallion owner since 2322 g.e. (17 Sep 2016)

GodB0x 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 874 g.e. (30 Sep 2012), by his dedicated hero, Epiledes • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 967 g.e. (1 Jan 2013) • And the owner of his own Ark

GodMommy Dearest 庙畜  • Our very FIRST incumbent temple owner, with her temple completed on 870 g.e. (26 Sep 2012), by her dedicated heroine, Larkana • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 983 g.e. (17 Jan 2013)

GodMrBen 庙舟畜  • Temple completed on 789 g.e. (7 Jul 2012), by his dedicated hero, Goofy • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion, and an Ark

GodHeartsandbones 庙舟  • Temple completed on 726 g.e. (5 May 2012), by his dedicated hero, Damiano66 • Also, the proud owner of an Ark

GodSynfalen 庙畜  • Temple completed on 635 g.e. (4 Feb 2012) , by his dedicated hero, Zogar Synfalen • Also, the proud owner of an Animalist medallion since 794 g.e. (12 Jul 2012)

Congratulations to all these present and former Medallioned Deities of Righteous guild!

🍻 Guild Deities in GOOD STANDING; probably at the closest tavern clinking these very same mugs together, or — if not in good standing — then poorly laying, usually in some corner of one of their temples.


🍺 NOW AVAILABLE! 🍺 You too, can now get your very own official replica Righteous guild! mugs 🍻 just like those above, available on Amazing, or at fine traders' emporiums everywhere!


This is the exalted roll call of those special and revered deities of Cardinal rank or above who were among us once, but have now left to achieve greater honors and glories (is there such a thing?). We breathlessly await their magnificent return to regale us of their tales of various exploits through those many fantastic worlds that we can have only dreamt.


GodBlizzardon 庙畜  championed by his valiant hero, Draguil Burner

✔ GodAldonia 庙  championed by her mighty hero, Zanthus

️GodKaraeir 庙畜  championed by her mighty hero, Shekhel-Khan

GodPianist 庙  championed by his mighty heroine, Tater-

GodOichea  championed by her mighty heroine, Aeisha

GodAndromedaramada  championed by her mighty heroine, Sadgesephone

✔ GodGenez5 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Sir Gottardo

✔ GodTonkata96 庙畜  championed by his mighty hero, Lawly

GodR1k1m4ru 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Bloody Assasin

GodSay Pal  championed by his mighty hero, Wilson Higgs

GodDevil007 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Gods glory

✔ GodHeraklez  championed by his mighty hero, Uwell Crown

GodAbcqwertyu 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Abcqwertyu, God and hero both formerly known as Nyxen

GodSencho 庙  championed by his mighty heroine, Lhessis

GodLeedrew  championed by his mighty heroine, AlyssaB

GodKeyser-Soze 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Stirling Archer

GodMorrisson  championed by her mighty heroine, Aleris

God?Samuru  championed by his mighty heroine, Samarii

GodShayughul  championed by his mighty hero, Derpistan

GodChrisvzetten  championed by his mighty hero, Chris1984z

GodJaenie  championed by her mighty heroine, Minijo

GodSeptimus Singus  championed by his mighty heroine, Ciel Singus

GodCosmicbrain  championed by his mighty heroine, Cosmicain

GodSenzuke  championed by his mighty heroine, Tamiko

GodMaxamus Cutter  championed by his mighty hero, RadexX

GodSPACE9  championed by his mighty hero, Black Phoenix9

GodTalknerdy2me  championed by her mighty heroine, Baa

GodXixor  championed by his mighty heroine, Rhyntana

GodFebsy  championed by her mighty hero, Felton

GodThonyAdam  championed by his mighty heroine, IrisOP

GodMi-go  championed by his mighty hero, Captain Ahab

GodIcameAsRomans  championed by his mighty hero, BeQuietAndDrive

GodGuitargod95  championed by his mighty hero, Pbg

GodRikkaMartin 庙  championed by his mighty heroine, PizzaMartin

GodZoleil  championed by her mighty heroine, Haruka Tatsumaki

✔ GodMrBen 庙舟畜  championed by his mighty hero, Goofy

GodSynfalen 庙畜  championed by his mighty hero, Zogar Synfalen

GodJim Farmer 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Dharkoshan

GodDashSloop  championed by his mighty hero, DashSloop

GodI AM TIRED OF THIS  championed by her mighty hero, WHY DO I DO THIS

GodLeSQ  championed by his mighty hero, Arhemius

GodClannad 庙舟畜  championed by his mighty hero, Juice Tin

GodIAINWOLF 庙  championed by his mighty hero, GOLGOTHA

GodLord Victor X 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Lord Victor

GodMommy Dearest 庙畜  championed by her mighty heroine, Larkana

GodShadowdarkstar 庙  championed by his mighty hero, Shadowdragon69

If you are deserving of an honoured place among all these past glorious deities, please let us know at the Righteous guild! forum thread, and allow us to correct any mistakes that our hard-working, but all-far-too-human coterie of scribes have committed, without of course, intending any personal offense.



Thanks most gratefully to ALL OF YOU ABOVE for helping us build and share Righteous guild!

Many thanks to the elder gods: GodI AM TIRED OF THIS  and GodDashSloop  for originating, and GodYOUR NAME HERE  and GodThe Mighty Stang 庙舟畜  for maintaining the Righteous guild! Guildwiki! (THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY A THANKLESS JOB, FOLKS!...)

We would also like to THANK YOU for stopping by, and glancing through some of Righteous guild!'s highlights. If you are not a member of the guild please remember, you are always welcome at our guildhall door, come in and warm yourself without ruse or rancour. If you are a member of Righteous guild!, give us all a shoutout in the Guild Council when you can. Please return soon, or drop us a line on the Righteous guild! forum thread. Your support and continued interest in Righteous guild! makes us all humbly grateful!