Rainbow Unicorn

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Monsters of Godville
Rainbow Unicorn
Class Magical horned horse
Habitat Rainbows
Totem for Emerald Sky ⚜️ 
Description A quite sad looking horse painted in rainbow colours with a fake horn

Humble Beginnings

You aren't just born as fashionably bedazzling as a this unicorn turned out to be. In fact, it wasn't even born a unicorn! It still isn't really. Anyway, back to the story!

Long Long Ago...

Long Long Ago sounds quite like the start of a pleasent story, one to be read by a mother to her child, of tales of magic and dragon, princesses and unicorns. This story however is not one of those; it is one of utter randomness and incomprehensibility. One example of that would be the fact that I put 'incomprehensibility' in here. Another would be that Long Long Ago doesn't denote a time period but instead an island.

The Island

The island was quite a normal place: flat, grassy and cold. The only thing in remote interest was a small pack of feral horses. Not even unicorns. Nobody lived on the island so the horses were free to roam at will...as long as they stayed on the rather small island. One day a young man rowed over to the island, tranquilized a horse and painted it rainbow colours along with adding a fake horn. Can you guess what he called it? A Rainbow Unicorn.

Sad Ending

The rainbow painted horse with a false horn/Rainbow Unicorn reared up an killed the man after

More Things

Now that you've read this completely made up tale you'd surely like to know more completely made up facts about this rainbow unicorn right? Your wish comes true and here they are:

  • Isn't actually a unicorn
  • Isn't actually painted in rainbow colours either (there's no indigo!)
  • Had its horn surgically implanted later in life
  • Doesn't exist
  • This author is crazy
  • Don't listen to him!
  • He's got a knife! Help me!
  • There done, back to the unicorn



  • Has somehow gained magical powers from the fake horn
  • Is good at making others believe said powers exist
  • Is prone to goring heroes with its horn


  • Is sensible monster and runs away from heroes with pointy things
  • Has delusions of being an elephant including a fear of mice
  • Is deeply ashamed of its past