Radiostagnant Pits

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Geography of Godville
Radiostagnant Pits
Description Unknown

The Radiostagnant Pits is famous for the pits which give it its name. The pits are actually a mirage that appear as ponds, safe for wading or watering pets. Anyone who ventures too close to the edge of the pits realizes their error too late, only to fall into them - never to be seen again. These are what remain of the once beautiful terrain, worn down over many years by erosion caused by lingering radio waves no longer being listened to. The radio waves actually came here in droves with the promise of a free night stay if they carried the hour-long advertisement about the condos that were going to be built here, but never came to fruition. It is said that you may hear music, conversations, and even Morse code in any metal fillings if you stay still in this area for too long.

The Radiostagnant Pits lay festering beyond and slightly to the west of the Great Lava Desert of Trogh.

The Radiostagnant Pits the home to several dangerous Monsters; such as Aftermoths, Deformed Rabbits, Gummy Wyrms, OctoBears, and Uranium Slugs.

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