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Monsters of Godville
Class Cursed Vegetable
Habitat Soil
Description It's just a pumpkin....
Pumpkinhead🎃 is a Boss-monster that was first seen at Halloween 2015.

What do you know about Pumpkins??? They are actually very obsessed with their beautiful and elegant orange look. They have their purpose and dream, which is to be the most delicious pumpkin in the world. However, it is very often that their dream can't be true as people are playing with them. Often making fun with their face, giving it scars. They hate that, and it's painful. All they want is to just get eaten and given a compliment: "delicious~". Thereby, the hatred of the pumpkins makes them crawl from the ground where they were buried, rise and start attacking people. People often treat pumpkins like heads, therefore they rise as Pumpkinheads and their motto is "I want your HEAD!!"

Here are some examples of the craft applied to their lovely faces that Pumpkinheads hate the most:

Pumpkinhead faces
Alt text
Alt text
Alt text
Alt text
Alt text
Starry Night  

Here's how the Pumpkinhead attacks people, by gnawing their head, sometimes controlling their mind and movement:

Alt text
Alt text



  • Often taking over a cute little girl's head and to take mercy and love from heroes and heroines
  • Its hot inside; it has fire breath due to an overdose of fire in its past life
  • Delicious


  • Not many people want to eat it
  • Very sensitive to the words "you are delicious", will rejoice and disappear if it's told that
  • Tastes like vegetable

#Do not waste food. from Pumkinhead

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