Privacy Leech

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Monsters of Godville
Privacy Leech
Cleptohaementeria leptocephalus
Class Hirudinae, Leeches
Habitat data swamps, information hot spots, Facebook accounts, Google ads
Description privacy sucking beast

The Privacy Leech (Cleptohaementeria leptocephalus) is hunted throughout all of Godville and its surroundings.

General Information

Good Heroes want it dead before they lose their privacy, evil heroes hunt it for its re-duct of sucked information. Whatever the reason for encountering one of these beasts, these horrible leeches will without question suck you dry. No secret is safe from them, no idea protected from their suction. All will be digested, sorted and can and will be used against yourself. Some even believe that a non-sexual reproduction form of the leech exists called apps.



  • Quickly corrupting heroes into glassy, transparent eel-like beings by feeding on the essence of their privacy
  • Drains enemy of secrets and not so secret stuff, still not being interesting for anybody but the hero
  • Hard to locate
  • Impossible to render extinct


  • Helpless when invited for a confession on free will or given nano bits of privacy
  • Would go extinct if privacy were gone once and for all
  • Hates open-source software
  • Weakened by shareware and presents