Principal of Darkness

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Principal of Darkness
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Schools
Description Unknown

The Principal of Darkness has existed for many years in the worst nightmares of schoolchildren and probably haunts the dreams of some who have long left school.

At last, he has accumulated enough power to break free of the dream Realm but fortunately (or perhaps not for him) he has only managed to reach the World of Godville where there is some chance that his worst excesses can be controlled by brave heroes.

Sadly, a permanent solution to this evil creature has not been found as there seems to be a more or less limitless supply of nightmares for him to feed on and if you do manage to kill him, be assured that he will be back again soon.

If you are unlucky enough to stumble into his lair,he is sure to put you in his torture device, the chokee, a large wooden cupboard with spikes on all sides, while he menacingly cackles and files paperwork

As a side note he is also in league with Politicians and Lawyers both things that are as soulless as him.



  • Surrounded by darkness.
  • Grim appearance terrifies all but the strongest heroes.
  • Wields a cane to cause extreme pain.
  • Deadly aim at long range with chalk pieces.


  • Obsessed with money and can often be bribed with large amounts of gold.
  • Grovels in the presence of School Board members, especially rich ones.
  • Unavailable during school holidays