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Monsters of Godville
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Description Unknown

The Predatortoise was hitherto a fairly peaceful beast as far as the world at large was concerned, although hell on wheels to certain grasses and vegetables, which were never known as fast movers themselves. However, following medical advice to include some meat in its diet, its behaviour has changed noticeably.

General Information

Since it has not been used to getting meat, it has no idea which types would be best and so, tends to go for the nearest thing which looks like it might be breathing. This has led to numerous complaints from travellers and traders who already feel that they are overburdened with monsters in these already blood-soaked lands. Therefore, the Predatortoise has been added to Heroes hit lists as a suitable candidate for elimination.

Unfortunately for the Heroes, its change of diet has led to an increase in its speed and while it is unlikely to be breaking records anytime soon, it can now work up pretty decent lumber. However, it still can't turn very quickly and if its initial charge is unsuccessful it is likely to carry on and crash into the nearest undergrowth. In a turn-based environment, this is obviously a disadvantage and tends to lead to a lot of whistling, foot tapping and picking of teeth while the Monster re-aligns itself. However, the tough shell makes it very hard to hurt and the unwary Hero may find him- or herself in for a serious beaking.

The Predatortoise is also susceptible to being turned over, when it becomes rather pathetic, wriggling about and pleading with the Hero to help to right it, so that it can go ahead and kill him, as it it is by now feeling extremely peckish. Sad, really.

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