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Monsters of Godville
Tumultuantem Anseris Aequabis
A poltergoose diving toward an unsuspecting hero
Class Pissed Poultry
Habitat Unknown
Description An eternally angry goose

The Poltergoose (Tumultuantem Anseris Aequabis) is a brave and petrifying monster. The Poltergoose originated when an unsuspecting hero fed a goose to a Ghoulkeeper while trying to make an escape. The Ghoulkeeper bit the goose, forcing it to join the undead of godville. The goose was extremely angry for being fed to a monster as a getaway trick, and even angrier at being stuck in the forces of the undead. A few short years later the first rumors of Poltergeese circulated, apparently on a mission to get revenge from the hero who fed him to the Ghoulkeeper. While once it could only be found in the darkest parts of swampy cemeteries, it is spotted on occasion on the roads of Godville, terrifying unsuspecting heroes. The Poltergoose is a fearless creature, attacking unsuspecting heroes while they eat or travel. It swoops down from the skies and, with a series of blood-curdling honks, tries to take quick bites out of its victim's extremities. Heroes who fight back have been known to win, although there exist very few reports of that.



  • Can fly in from above to grab a quick nip of ear or nose
  • Is unafraid of stomping or other loud noises
  • Efficiently manufactures lies when stuck in a tight place


  • Is partial to a good slice of watermelon, feeding it some may give a hero the chance to slip away
  • Can be whipped into such a blind rage through catcalls, it will lose track of the hero
  • Is known to take a gander at a Gander, giving heroes a short window of opportunity to attack
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