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Skills of Godville
Poisoned kiss
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

Upon gaining the Poisoned Kiss skill the heroine develops small venom sacks within their dimple region and an immunity to most poisons. A series of veins run venom from the sacks to the tiny pores in the user's lips.

Not much is known about the venom nor how it is synthesized in the user's body, though it is highly advised to those practicing this skill to attain control over their venom glands as to prevent involuntary poisoning of loved ones. Other known side-effects of this skill include gaining a more attractive appearance and charm; Scientists believe the reasoning of this is so the user can actually lure the opponent in rather than aggressively lip-smacking them.


Level 1-5: The user begins to grasp control of their venom glands. Involuntary excretions are common, and are often brought on by excitement. Potency of the venom is next to none; causing a rash at most.

Level 6-10: The user has full control of their venom glands and can activate them at will. The user's lips also begin to take on a softer and more desirable tone. Potency of the venom is minimal; causing a severe rash and slight irritation to the affected area. An immunity to various, mild toxins is gained.

Level 11-15: The user's venom glands begin to synthesize a stronger poison that can travel through the bloodstream. The user's lips and face become more charming and desirable. Potency of the venom is moderate; causing severe pain in area affected and muscle spasms in the surrounding areas. Immunity to moderate toxins and poisons is gained.

Level 16-20: The user's venom matures even more and begins to become lethal; able to spread throughout the victim's entire body. The user's body becomes more desirable and can cause even a nun to think twice. Potency of the venom is lethal; causing paralysis (yet leaving the pain sensors untouched) in small amounts and organ failure in larger amounts. Immunity to even stronger toxins and poisons is gained.

Level 21+: The Kiss of Death. The user's venom has completely matured and is more powerful than any other known toxin. The user's body can be described no better than perfect; none can resist his/her charm. Potency of the venom is fatal; even the most slightest of drops. Immunity to all poisons and toxins is gained.