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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Placebo officernalis
Class Boss
Habitat Roaming in underworlds.
Description Believe it.
Boss Type Underground

The Placeboss (Placebo officernalis) is a monster and one of the worst kind of Boss-Monsters.


In reality it should not even exist! But the fact that heroes believe it to "be" and worse to "be pretty darn dangerous", makes it extremely viciously brutal in their eyes. One might be inclined to call this the Placebosses most unique physical attribute.

Anyways, belief sometimes creates gods as we can see in the existence of gods with only one active follower. But the worse the beliefs turn, the worse the monster that they create. And the worst of all believes in the most monstrous of all times might even shape a boss monster.

« Hello Mr. Placeboss I, ahem, I mean am, only looking for the Exit sign. Oh my God, did you see how big IT was? »

The monster gains power with the hero believing it to be strong. And it all starts at the beginning of a dungeon, where all heroes join one party to build up the maximum believe of one evil final Bossfight at the end of their "dungeon-party-trip".


The monster is said to weigh from 700 to 9000 lbs, however no one has actually seen one looking the same way that others described it. It fights strong with those believing to have encountered a Placeboss.

In the words of the hero Dr Kenneth Noisewater: "I think this boss is going to hurt my feelings".

The Placeboss is rumored to:

  • Look weak if imagined weak
  • Withstand lots of Punishment
  • Get stronger the longer it is faced
  • Not exist at all
  • Vanish if doubted enough
  • Glow with imagination


  • Gets stronger the longer he is fought.
  • Is more resistant to punishing.
  • Fights to The Bitter End.
  • Would kill every you and me.


  • If not believed in is weak.
  • Might even die if ignored.
  • "Every Me and Every You".
  • Searching for his mind.