Pirate of the 7 Cs

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Monsters of Godville
Pirate of the 7 Cs
Marinus scourgis
Class Humanoid
Habitat Atlantis
Totem for Silver Raven Piracy Guild ⚜️ 
Description Hideous!

The Pirate of the 7 Cs (Marinus scourges) is a fearsome monster usually found in Atlantis, the newly conquered adopted home of the pirates, but it is also sometimes found in other wet areas of Godville.


To hear him tell it, the 7 Cs are Charming, Cheerful, Charismatic, Chatty, Compassionate, Caring and Cute, and he spends his days helping old ladies across the street to the bank, and carrying things off for them when they come out. Also helping traders to relieve themselves of their pesky, but heavy coins goods as a personal favour to them, and at no gain to himself.

Common knowledge has it that the 7 Cs actually stand for Creepy, Caustic, Cut-throat, Cold-hearted, Cold-blooded, Callous and Collector. (What he actually collects is still a well-guarded secret, although there have been rumours...)


Initially, there were several of these Pirates, but due to their inability to be on the same planet as each other, and something about not taking orders from anyone else, there appears to have been some sort of intense battle, which resulted in the Pirate of the 3 Cs adding a few adjectives. It is unknown just how many pirates remain in the wild, but they are believed to be a very endangered species, mostly from each other.

This monster's favourite pastime seems to be relieving tavern owners of their rum and then paying for it with gold he stole from them in the first place.


A Pirate weakness
the Real Pirate of the 7 Cs.


  • Is confrontational when cornered
  • Deadly with a weapon
  • Extremely fearsome in a fight
  • A rapier wit and a very sharp cutlass
  • A total lack of scruples


  • Is not really waterproof
  • Rum, or gold, in any quantity, at any time
  • Is easily distracted due to his greedy nature
  • Is terrified of pie rats
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