Pillow Fighter

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Monsters of Godville
Pillow Fighter
Supposuerat capiti pugnator
Pillow Fighter.jpg
Class Sleepy Brawler
Habitat The cool side of the pillow
Totem for diversity ⚜️ 
Description Loves feathers for some reason

The Pillow Fighter (Supposuerat capiti pugnator). A fierce and sleepy warrior, that has survived centuries of being misunderstood. When stumbled upon, in the wild, a heroine or hero's first instinct is to beat it to feathers, but that usually results in the demise of said heroine. A fierce, but extremely stupid warrior from the guild Diversity stumbled upon a young Pillow Fighter, traveling alone, while questing just outside of Godville, not too long ago. The heroineat first tried to defeat the Pillow Fighter. The Pillow Fighter put her pet to sleep and the heroine started to feel very, very drowsy. Since the heroine was still drunk from the night before, she thought it was just normal, but the heroine didn't notice that their pet had fallen asleep. So, of course, the heroine tripped over the pet and stumbled behind the Pillow Fighter. As the heroine tried to recover, she touched the Pillow Fighter's back. Then everything changed.

It felt cool and soft. She started to fluff it and the Pillow Fighter laid on the ground and the heroine rested their head on the cool side. They took a nap. When they awoke, they were the best of friends. It became clear that the Pillow Fighter was not such a bad monster, after all. After introducing the Pillow Fighter to the guild, they took a vote and unanimously decided to invite the Pillow Fighter to the guild Diversity, as their mascot. The rest is history.