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Monsters of Godville
Class Mammal
Habitat Heavens and Low Gravity Plains
Description Flying pig

The Pigasus used to think he could not go on because life was nothing but an awful, terrible song.

Then one day he met a spider and they fell in love. She leaves him cute little love messages in the webs she weaves, and always includes one in the corner of the lunchbox for him to enjoy while he is off adventuring. Their son, "Spiderpig", has become famous recently thanks to having his own theme song sung by Homer Simpspig.

The pigasus has a terrible singing voice. There is a legendary tale that says "when he is around, all glass is break. You quickly close yours poor ears against this Hades vocalize."



  • Has a good view from above
  • Often seen in the company of spiders
  • Has won a few ribbons for best pig


  • Thinks he is invincible
  • Likes flattery
  • Scared of butchers