Piece of tank armor

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Equipment of Godville
Piece of tank armor
Worn 🛡️Shield
Durability +22
Description Unknown

This is a very common shield used by a lot of heroes. Pieces of tough composite metal are often scavenged from old rusting machines that belong only in the scrapyard. A common make-shift shield that traders often sell to heroes is the plating off the side of a misused tank. Usually the trader visits a scrapyard and can find plenty of pieces like this that are not too rusty and none that a bit of polish can't improve enough to sell. If a hero is lucky he will have paid for a piece of metal that can be used as a tough shield but if he is not then he could end up with a shiny piece of rust. Due to its hard metallic nature, it can also be used as a weapon and can severely injure anyone smashed with it.


Do not get wet.


Trader applies a no refund policy. No warranties written spoken or imagined are null and void.