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Monsters of Godville
Felis photostaticum
Class Tiger
Habitat Anywhere people suffer from large stacks of paperwork.
Description Feline shade that stalks hamstrings and knee caps.

The Photocopycat (Felis photostaticum) is a monster that was created when a witch, upon seeing the gradual aging of her beloved feline familiar, devised a method of duplicating the creature involving the lost art of Foto-Kopieren. However, the duplicate manifested as a mere shadow of her familiar, and slipped off before she could catch it.


The Photocopycat is roughly as tall as a heroine's knee, which is its favourite place to attack. Its mottled coat tends to blend into shadow, but what remains obvious is the glint of its eyes, no matter the time of day. Heroines are hence warned to be on guard if they feel something watching them from around knee-height.



  • Travels faster than the Speed of Cat, a.k.a. the "Speed of Light."
  • Claws sharper than the edges of paper.
  • Eyes that can shoot lasers.


  • Will be distracted by skeins of wool or toy mice, but only if they're woven from light and shadow.
  • Can be trapped if a light-box is placed in the vicinity, as they cannot resist attempting to fit into a box.
  • Enjoys the sunlight, but vulnerable to it; if it stays under direct sunlight for too long, it will start to fade. It is thus vulnerable to the Sunstroke skill.
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