Panzer Dragon

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Monsters of Godville
Panzer Dragon
Draconis loricatus
Class Dragon
Habitat Grasslands
Description Smallest dragon in Godville

The Panzer Dragon (Draconis loricatus) is a full-grown version of the pansy dragon, which is weak and useless. However, the full grown version is more than a match for most children and sometimes the more ninny like heroes among us.

General Information

Its main diet consists of small pets, mice, and low-level noobies. It can range in size anywhere from 5 inches to about 3 feet when fully grown.

The Panzer Dragon tastes remarkably like chicken-fried steak when raw and even better fully cooked. Therefore, it is highly sought after by many chefs and assistant chefs due to its legendary, delicious taste. Unfortunately for the chefs, sous chefs in pursuit of the dragon usually end up getting eaten by other monsters of the region instead. Multitudes of adventurers were hired back in the first age to hunt down these tasty beasts in order to bring them to the chefs for a high price.

Any and all of the adventurers who had tasted the dragon found the taste delectable and the experience worthwhile. As such, the Panzer dragon was almost hunted to extinction and is now considered a delicacy.



  • Can breathe fire (or at least smoke robustly, which tends to disorient weak-minded heroes)
  • Can fly and blend in with a swarm of bees
  • Can easily hide in the hero's pockets or backpack, depending on age
  • Sharp talons and teeth


  • Hates water
  • Does not like high moisture environments
  • Cannot escape most terrariums
  • Utterly delicious!
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