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If you are competitive at all, chances are that you'll want to visit the Pantheons every so often. They are Godville's leader boards. The Pantheons rank different things within the game: some rank guilds, or the most powerful heroes and heroines, for example. These leaderboards constantly change. Most are updated hourly, but a few are only updated a certain number of times per day.

Pantheon Categories


Before the May 2012 update,[1] there were three categories of Pantheon:

  • Pantheons by Gods — These ranked the best gods and goddesses according to certain aspects, and rank things that they participate in, for example, guilds.
  • Pantheons by Heroes — These ranked heroes, heroines, and their pets for different qualities they may had and acts they had accomplished.
  • Pantheons by Impact — These ranked the influence heroes and heroines had in certain areas and the impact they had on the world around them.


In May 2012, at the same time as the Pantheons of Popularity, Duelery, Mastery, and Templehood were introduced,[1] the Pantheon classification system changed. There are still three categories:

  • Short Term Pantheons — These rank heroes and heroines by properties which are forever changing. These Pantheons only include players who have been active some time in the last 5 days. Inactive players are removed from, and returning players replaced into, the Short-Term Pantheons with each new issue of the Godville Times.
  • Long Term Pantheons — These rank heroes, heroines, gods, and goddesses by qualities which tend to remain fairly constant over time.
  • Guild Pantheons — These rank guilds by their various guild properties.

At the beginning it is extremely difficult to climb most Pantheons, but it gets easier as a hero's level increases. Some Pantheons are exclusive to certain groups, and others are open to all. Difficulty in gaining or maintaining a high place in each Pantheon varies greatly with the Pantheon type, and some change more quickly than others.

List of Pantheons

List of Pantheons and their Details
Pantheon Link Category Tracks Created Number of Positions Minimum Requirement Updates
Gratitude πŸ†   Long Term Contributions to the game 13 GE (May 23, 2010)[2] Unlimited 1 Gratitude point Hourly
Might πŸ†   Long Term Experience 1 GE (May 11, 2010) 25,000 Level 7[3] Hourly
Templehood πŸ†   Long Term Temple completion 748 GE (May 27, 2012)[1] Unlimited 1,000 gold bricks Hourly
Gladiatorship πŸ†   Long Term Duelling skill 73 GE (Sep 22, 2010)[4] 15,000 Duel once Hourly
Storytelling πŸ†   Long Term Chronicle quality 470 GE (Aug 23, 2011)[5] 500 10 chronicle ratings Twice daily[n 1]
Mastery πŸ†   Short Term Skills and equipment 470 GE (Aug 23, 2011)[1] Unlimited Level 7[3] Hourly
Construction πŸ†   Short Term Temple progress 78 GE (Jul 27, 2010)[6] Unlimited Level 7[3] Hourly
Taming πŸ†   Short Term Pet level 32 GE (Nov 06, 2010)[7] Unlimited A pet with levels Hourly
Survival πŸ†   Short Term Monsters defeated per death 689 GE (Mar 29, 2012)[8] Unlimited Level 7[3] Hourly
Savings πŸ†   Short Term Retirement fund 850 GE (Sep 06, 2012)[9] Unlimited 1 thousand saved Hourly
Creation πŸ†   Short Term Good personalities 78 GE (Jul 27, 2010)[6] Unlimited Level 7[3] and good personality Hourly
Destruction πŸ†   Short Term Evil personalities 78 GE (Jul 27, 2010)[6] Unlimited Level 7[3] and evil personality Hourly
Arkeology πŸ†   Short Term Ark construction 1242 GE (Oct 03, 2013)[10] Unlimited One log for the ark Hourly
Catch πŸ†   Short Term Creature collection 2115 GE (Feb 23, 2016)[11] Unlimited One manimal or fenimal Hourly
Wordcraft πŸ†   Short Term Word collection 3512 GE (Dec 21, 2019)[12] Unlimited One word Hourly
Duelers πŸ†   Jr
πŸ†   Sr
Short Term Duelling season results 1517 GE (Jul 05, 2014)[13] Unlimited One duel during season Hourly
Unity πŸ†   Guild Guild unity 1 GE (May 11, 2010) Unlimited Headcount of 2 Twice daily[n 1]
Popularity πŸ†   Guild Guild popularity in towns 470 GE (Aug 23, 2011)[1] Unlimited Non-zero popularity Twice daily[n 1]
Duelery πŸ†   Guild Guild member duelling ratings 1517 GE (Jul 05, 2014)[13] Unlimited A chief master with one duel Twice daily[n 1]
Adventure πŸ†   Guild Guild adventurousness 2667 GE (Aug 28, 2017)[14] Unlimited A chief master with one dungeon or sail Twice daily[n 1]


  1. ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Updates at 08:30 and 20:30 UTC daily.

Competing Pantheons and Achievements

It is impossible to have a high position in all Pantheons at once. Gods and goddesses must prioritize different Pantheon statuses and in-game achievements, forcing them to budget their power.

Mutual Pantheons

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