Pantheon of Greed

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📜This article is about something which is no longer in the game.
The subject of this article was once a part of Godville, but is no longer. It is kept for historical or creative value. Please don't mark for deletion without discussion, but further creativity or information are welcome!
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This page is about the pantheon. For the guild, see Greed (guild).

The Pantheon of Greed is a former pantheon ranking the number of gold coins in hero's possession.

Due to every hero constantly spending and obtaining gold coins, these rankings fluctuated dramatically.

Actions which had drastic affects on this pantheon's rankings included:

On September 6, 2012 (851 g.e.), the Pantheon of Greed was removed and replaced with the Pantheon of Savings.

Long Term Gratitude • Might • Templehood • Gladiatorship • Storytelling
Short Term Mastery • Construction • Taming • Survival • Savings • Creation • Destruction • Arkeology • Catch • Wordcraft • Duelers
Guild Unity • Popularity • Duelery • Adventure
Former Greed • Aggressiveness