Panic Attacker

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Panic Attacker
Pavor oppugnator
Strong Monster
Class Humanoid
Habitat Could be anywhere
Description Formerly a hero, now a putz

The Panic Attacker (Pavor oppugnator) is a monster that once was a calm hero who feared and worshiped his God.


That was until he met up with the Apparel Stormtrooper who used the Force to rip his pants off and exposed his family jewels to all of Godville. The Panic Attacker, abandoned by his God and having lost all respect, was kicked out of his guild and went into hiding broken and ashamed.

Once, many years later, a hero returned from the field with a harrowing story of having barely escaped a monster that was hyperventilating and screaming that it felt like it was dying. It tried to convince the hero that his God was worthless and wouldn't avenge the hero's death even if the Panic Attacker were to slay him right then and there. The hero didn't wait around to see if it was actually dying, wanted to fight, or was just suffering from acute symptoms of anxiety.

It's been years since that occurrence, no one can say where the Panic Attacker will show up next. Most think of it as just legend, an old tale of a fallen hero, but all should beware of this unpredictable monster! It lives in the constant hope that some unsuspecting hero will stumble across its path so that it may destroy another's faith, making them Godless and extremely nervous for the rest of eternity.



  • Has a deafening shriek
  • Needs very little sleep
  • Crochets as a coping skill


  • Obsessive compulsiveness
  • Catastrophic thinking
  • Has gone off its meds