Paladin's shield

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Equipment of Godville
Paladin's shield
Worn 🛡️Shield
Durability +12
Description The perfect protection when you want a shield bigger than you.

Especially favoured by apprentices, this Paladin's shield is not exactly state of the art but it's enough to deal with most undead monsters.

It is embodied with a basic spell that makes any nearby undead creatures feel very queasy and it is also blessed with a sprinkling of holy water upon it's creation. When using one it is a good idea to also have another back-up one strapped to your back.

This is in case the one in use suddenly loses all its power in a currently unexplained process which avid users of this shield have nicknamed 'Graying out'. Other than this flaw, this shield is an all-rounder in many aspects and is perfectly fine for every-day quests.