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Achievement Rewards

Feel like your accomplishments in life have gone largely unnoticed? Do you crave for that attention and recognition because your mommy always told you you were the greatest, most talented baby in the world? Then... Get a dog!!

Here, in Harvest Moon, we don't care if you discovered the cure to stubbed toes, or learned how to spell Misisipi right, or found out that you can tie your own shoelaces, without mommy's help. What we do care about is what you accomplish in Godville. So, from the moment my term begins to roughly the time it ends, I will be rewarding moonies for their major achievements.

  • 4 charges for completing temple.
  • 8 charges for ark.
  • 12 charges for pairs.
  • 16 charges for shop/savings.

Not enough? Go ask your mommy for more. (does not work retroactively)

To claim your prize, post in HM's forum along with your level at that time. Valid only for moonies who joined the guild before GodZekita .

As an added bonus by the end of my term, of those that initially posted and collected on their achievements, I will reward the ones that leveled up the most since completing said achievement.

  • 22 charges for a gain of (minimum) 10 to 19 levels.
  • 45 charges for a gain of 20 to 29 levels.
  • 120 charges for a gain of 30 plus levels.

You will need to claim your prize when I make the final announcement by term's end, but periodically an elf will also track your leveling on the following table for easy viewing.

OG's Level Tracking System

God(dess) Level at Achievement Level Gain since Achievement
lv 67 - Ark
lv 92 - Pairs
lv 78 - Ark
lv 92 - Pairs
lv 111 - Pairs
lv 97 - Pairs
GodCassia Rainsonne 
lv 100 - Pairs
lv 103 - Pairs
GodDivinicus Mortalus 
lv 94 - Pairs

Beat the Bosses Spar Tournament

Having been on the “ordinary Joe’s” side for so long has given me an affinity for the underdog, so I’m giving you, the lowly 99% moonies, a chance to get even with the privileged 1%, for their constant abuse.



  • 1st place – 45 charges
  • 2nd place – 22 charges
  • 3rd place – 8 charges.

“Here’s your chance to show your rng-fu by kicking these guys adsses! Telepathically!” Don’t let this chance go to waste, cuz I’m already starting to feel the affinity wear off, and being replaced by self-entitlement and contempt for proletariat.

Tourney Results

And it’s a wrap!! Things started fast.

Me3713's proactive, can do attitude cleaned up and gave him 1st place and title of Beat The Bosses champion. It slowed down for a bit, and while we watched Andrele being mowed down time after time by a disgruntled tgr, FrenchConnection calmely took second prize. In the end, when Andrele, in a furious pace, seemed to be making a comeback, The 11th Bam swooped in and took 3rd place.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the managers.

Andrele, you win the prize for unabashed consistency, for your persistence and for giving us a good show you get 4 charges.


God(dess) Spars
GodMe3713  WW - 1st place
GodFrenchConnection  WW - 2nd place
GodThe 11th Bam  WW - 3rd place
GodAndrele  LLLLWL - prize for persistence
GodCharon  L
GodA Flying Little Pig  Slept through the tourney literally
GodDivinicus Mortalus  Showed everyone how afk is done properly

Dungeon Boss Parts Contest

The season to be jolly is upon us, and of course we can’t have that. Misery and pain are Harvest Moon’s favorite dishes and death is our favorite time of the year. So, starting now, I’m opening a dungeon contest to help stock our pantry for the holiday celebratory feast.


  • contest starts now and closes 23rd December at 6pm, +0 gmt.
  • whoever gathers the most boss parts by then, wins. 2nd and 3rd will also win prizes (in case of a tie, the first of the tied players to post a link with a new boss part wins prize).
  • HM accounts only.
  • No alts allowed.
  • post link in HM forum with successful dungeon and reference to which boss/es you got the part/s from. (example: link… Boss #1, #2…)
  • mini-boss parts count the same as regular parts. No shredded boss parts will be accepted.
  • dungeon must be successful.


  • 1st place – 120 charges
  • 2nd place – 45 charges
  • 3rd place – 22 charges

Boss Parts Leaderboard

The boss hunting competition is officially closed. Plenty of bosses slain, to a total of 89 parts collected. So, good news, noobs. We will not be having you for dinner. At least not out of hunger, since some veterans might eat you just for tradition’s sake.

Thank you to all the moonies that catered to our feast. And congrats to me for winning the title of Butcher of X-mas present. Harvest Moon rules.

God(dess) Boss Parts Gathered
GodOrthos Graph  31
GodMe3713  28
GodDombinator  10
GodNgma  6
GodAmrutha the immortal  6
GodCham Almighty  4
GodWoody Pecker  3
GodEnzuna  1

Harvest Moon's Cup

As my term draws to an end, I’m sure you all want to honor me, or just celebrate that it’s finally ending. Either way, I’m leaving you with one last event. This time for those of you who love the open seas, booty and a little piracy.

  • sail competition exclusively for Moonies, extending for 3 days.
  • starting February 3rd at 12pm gmt +0, ends February 6th at 12pm gmt +0.
  • sails must be completed successfully (leaving through border or port).
  • 3 points for each ’nimal or booty.
  • 1 point for each crate.
  • 2 points for each opponent sunk.
  • at the end of the event wins whoever has the most points (in case of tie, whoever posts last log first wins).
  • one account per player.
  • links to successful sails must be posted in HM forum.


  • 1st place – 120 charges
  • 2nd place – 45 charges
  • 3rd place – 22 charges

So, get your arks ready to cruise Godville’s seas and spread some good ol’ terror in the name of Harvest Moon.

Sail Contest Results

Sailor’s, retract your sails and cast down your anchors!

⛵🏆 Harvest Moon’s Cup🏆⛵ has come to an end.

After 3 intense days of imposing our rule throughout Godville’s seas, you can all dock your arks and scrape the barnacles and destroyed foes from its hulls.

Congratulations to everyone that helped make this so fun and especially to the winner, Dombinator. Enjoy your charges and your new title of Grand Admiral of the Moon.

God(dess) Points at end of previous day
GodDombinator  58
GodMe3713  42
GodThe Sock  38
GodKind Butcher  34
GodDivinicus Mortalus  32
GodEar wind  30
GodNgma  8
GodAndrele  5
GodOversee Year  5