Ogre's toothpick

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Equipment of Godville
Ogre's toothpick
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +21
Description Unknown

The Ogre's toothpick is a weapon.

Ogres are carnivorous. They only eat meat especially lamb and beef. This means that it is vital for ogres to use toothpicks as meat is very chewy and often gets stuck between your teeth. Ogres cannot use toothbrushes because their sharp teeth shred them into pieces. If a hero kills an ogre he will sometimes keep the toothpick to use in combat. Not all Ogre's toothpicks make suitable weapons. Some are too small as some ogres are not much bigger than men. Others are much too big for a human to lift as they belong to great ogres: a bigger stronger type of ogre. The right size is about the length of a javelin.

Warning: ordinary toothpicks should not be wielded in combat under any circumstances.