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Beasties of Godville
Chorus octuplus
The minstrels (top of the pillar) in their former glory.
Class Beastie
Habitat The open sea.
Description A floating headache.
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 2: 20-29 HP

Too many heads spoil the tune.

The Minstrels

Long ago there were two times four musicians whom together formed a collective, the name of which has been lost to time. The minstrels harmonised for a good while, but alas once came discord in their crib, for a stranger asked who amongst them was the better player. Ever since the four times two minstrels devoted to duelling each other in ever more complex musical acts, up until the divines had enough and merged the musicians into a many headed blob that the deity then threw into the sea.

Ever since, sailors have encountered this beast singing in anger, each head tending to their own melody. The seafarers have grown to loathe the number which is half sixteen as they believe that saying it aloud summons Octopella, which would tear the ark down singing. Their tone deaf attacks are not only meant to break bones but minds as well, the beast's wailing is known to have shattered sailor's minds, leaving them as quivering messes.

How to fight it

No one could stand Octopella's sound barrage, thus noise protection is in order. Wax makes for good earplugs but doesn't quite help the sailing since orders cannot be heard by deaf sailors. Instead the captain and the crew shall sing louder than the monster to counter their attack.

When on the offensive, the best strategy is to act in an arrhythmic pattern in order to confuse the many heads. Try to aim for them as well, every headshot is critical for the Octopella.



  • The union makes it strong
  • Often hard to approach
  • Strong, powerful voice


  • It is a house too divided
  • Slow to move
  • Their attention is on the song, not the fight
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