Nuclear Overreactor

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Nuclear Overreactor
verrus hottius
just don’t say anything.
Strong Monster
Class Building
Habitat Close to the sea
Description Unknown

The Nuclear Overreactor is a 50ft tall nuclear reactor monster that hot bit my a radioactive Human woman (its important to note that only the Human Females bite causes the nuclear reactor to become a over reactor a radioactive males bite causes the Nuclear Reactor to become a Somewhatclear Reactor)

Now the monster might seem quite intimidating at first but if you follow the one simple rule you will be safe , just don’t say anything as the it will take anything you say as a personal insult to its self and as a result will emit a deafening screech much like the angry fabled monster the Karen , all human with a IQ below 100 are immediately paralyzed by a sudden fear of impending doom , those who have enough brains now have a few second gap in which they can try and apologize to the monster if this fails she will go into stage 2 of her evolution she will start heating up at this point all that all you can do to survive is by proposing to her , this will cause her to cool down and release the people from her death screech . So best thing to do is shutup and keep on walking