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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 146
Map code NH
Known for Good trading
Motto Nihil Sanctisne?

Nothingham, just like many a community that dots the map of this land, started out from nothing - and they still have most of it left. It was only just proven recently that a community even exists here at all. Scholars and cartographers were baffled by this error and were quick to reposition it on the map, though all records and mention of the village had been lost prior to its discovery by a group of heroes and their respective gods.

Game features

  • Better trading


Located just 18 miles due north of Los Adminos , Nothingham's location has been largely up to the debate and opinions of the drunken heroes that have stumbled in and out of the city. It is near the legendary Qu'tox Ocean, which is renowned for its treacherous rainfall and unpredictable currents - making it a less than an ideal trip for all but the well-seasoned adventurer. Further down the road exists Bosswell , and it is believed that the locals there may have also been a part of the calamity and confusion that has caused Nothingham to recede further and further into the countryside. Devoid of any sort of cultural landmarks and point of interests; there isn't much to point out the location of the village beside its relatively drab architecture and the gated wall that surrounds the foreboding valley that holds the town. It may be just a matter of time before Nothingham, too, becomes nothing and fades into the backdrop of obscurity.


Believed to have been a failed exercise of power from the locals of Los Adminos, most of the town's history prior to its rediscovery is largely unknown. Even its population count remains a mystery, and the locals would prefer to keep it that way. It's been said that the citizens of the town are largely pessimistic, having lost their identity and culture one way or another to obscure occurrences, and have since decided to let go of everything to avoid further loss and unhappiness. Inhabitants of Nothingham are tight-lipped about their pasts and prefer the lifestyle of anonymity and obscurity. Those lucky few to have made first contact with Nothingham have been rewarded, however, with a fairly decent turn around with any and all items at the local stores. This is believed that, in the opinion of the locals, that by taking away a hero's valuables and possessions that they may too become nothing and understand each other better.

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