Nervous Tick

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Monsters of Godville
Nervous Tick
Ixodida Nervosa
Class Tick
Habitat Follicles
Description Filled with anxiety

The Nervous Tick (Ixodida Nervosa) is a monster. As its name indicates, it is nervous. Very, very, extremely nervous. So don't disturb it. It developed a quick jerking motion in self-defense.

Whenever it is near danger, it abruptly pulls back. While fighting, it inflicts hundreds of small wounds very rapidly that slowly drain your hero's stamina. It twitches so fast that it is almost impossible to hit it. Your best bet is to fight it near a cliff, where it might accidentally twitch backwards and fall off. It can cause Lyme's disease and Bell's Palsy, both of which are treatable but very irritating. Also residual side-effects of bites from the tick may include nervous habits and inability to speak in front of other people.



  • Small and hard to find
  • Travels for free on the backs of other monsters
  • Can feast on the blood of heroes or monsters alike


  • Suffers from excess stomach acid
  • May also be diagnosed with Tourette's
  • Fake blood
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