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Monsters of Godville
Felis regiis
Class Undead
Habitat Desert of Former Alkies, laps of human mummies
Description Cat shaped pile of bandages

The Neferkitty is an undead monster, more specifically, it's a cursed mummified cat. Its origins date back to the former Egoptian Empire that was located in the Desert of Former Alkies near today's Egopolis.


The Neferkitty was a royal cat — a beloved pet of the empress Kleptopatra (πŸ¦…πŸ‘οΈπŸ¦πŸΊβ˜₯β˜₯⏳)[1] the first ruler of the Snu-fru Dynasty (2613 - 2589 b.g.e.).

According to the translated papyri from Neferkitty's life, she spent quite a lot of time playing around the royal palace, breaking priceless vases[2] and scratching the royal throne.[3][4] There are also mentions of the empress Kleptopatra, a known kleptomaniac, occasionally blaming her cat for destroying valuables around the palace, only for the exact same objects to be found in Kleptopatra's chambers after her death.[5]

Neferkitty's outer sarcophagus. Carved stone, opals and powdered onyx.

The circumstances of Neferkitty's death are unknown. Having a lot of enemies in the royal palace, there are speculations that her death was a premeditated murder.[6] A papyrus with a complicated text was found in her chamber along with the body, the only legible part of it today being "πŸ’β“πŸ’€πŸˆ".[7]

The heartbroken empress had decided to have Neferkitty embalmed and mummified in accordance with ancient Egoptian funeral practices typical for the Snu-fru Dynasty. Neferkitty's burial chamber was carved in the sacred wall in the Triffids' Valley (formerly known as the Valley of the Blings) and decorated with scenes from Egoptian mythology and from Neferkitty's former life. The tomb was filled with generous equipment that was supposed to ensure Neferkitty a luxurious afterlife. The burial equipment included Neferkitty's favourite objects from her life, such as her beloved napping pillow, a paper bag and 2000 mummified mice.[8]

Neferkitty's afterlife servants. Wooden figurines with human blood and bandages.

The Curse of Neferkitty

The Neferkitty's tomb was discovered in 1956 g.e. by one of Godville's leading Egoptologists, Vache Q. Picard. Vache was originally hoping to find the tomb of Kleptopatra herself, and when she found a perfectly sealed tomb with Kleptopatra's cartouche carved on the entrance she was most surprised to have found the goddess-queen's cat's tomb instead.[8]

After the tomb was opened,[9] most of the equipment in it was transferred to museums all around Godville. Some items were "lost" and ended up in private collections. The mummy of Neferkitty, however, mysteriously disappeared from the museum archive.

Neferkitty's mummy was first seen again a couple of years after that, roaming the Desert of Former Alkies and attacking any adventures or heroes who try searching for any other ancient tombs. Its attacks are particularly gruesome, leaving very few survivors. Whenever it is overpowered, it always resurrects in the former Valley of the Blings and gets back to guarding the treasures of all the uncovered tombs.


Diagram of a cat claw[10]


  • Already dead. It's tough to kill it again.
  • Faster than you would have guessed.
  • Sharp claws.


  • Fire. All the dried-up bandages and flammable embalming fluid can light it up.
  • Nearby pointy twigs.
  • Mummified dogs.


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