Navigator Dragons

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Navigator Dragons
Alignment: humane
Pantheon of unity Rank: 3 at highest, but varies chaotically
Forum Headquarters: Navigator Dragons
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A rather chaotic good guild, founded on the principles of exploration, discovery and well-meaning anarchy, whose members take the dragon and compass rose as their emblem.


The Navigator Dragons guild originated as an elite exploration team who split away from the founding Heroes of Godville, disliking what they considered a restrictive and downright sinister obsession with traffic and trespassing laws, and set up their own chivalric order known as the Order of the Free Runners.

Eschewing the ancient maps, which the Runners proclaimed were inaccurate owing to their rigid borders and notions of sovereign territory, and distrusting milestones as a matter of principle, the members of the Order set out from the capital to explore the land. After they decided by a majority vote that even the sun could not necessarily be trusted to know east from non-east, they soon found themselves hopelessly lost. Their general spirit of self-reliance allowed them to survive for some years in the wilderness, growing familiar with the geography of the land, although they did insist on inventing their own language and system of currency, which resulted in endless squabbles and duels over the merits of the different denominations.

The arguments grew worse and internecine war almost broke out when nobody could decide whether to tie the currency to the Pile of Damp Sticks Standard or the Mountain That Looks Like A Giant Lizard Standard. It was at this point that one of the members of the Order realised that the Mountain That Looks Like A Giant Lizard was not in fact a mountain, but was indeed a giant lizard, or more precisely a Grayscaled Dragon, who was watching with equal parts bemusement and hilarity.

In return for the many years of dinner cabaret the Heroes of the Free Runners had provided, the dragon consented to teach them its secrets of navigating the wilderness. When they at last found their way back to Godville, where most people had forgotten they had ever left, the Order of the Free Runners formed themselves into a guild and changed their name to "Navigator Dragons" to honour this generous beast.


Navigator Dragons teach all its members in good standing the guild secret skill of navigation by dragons. A spirit of well-meaning anti-authoritarianism (and occasional downright drunken anarchy) pervades the guild.

Entry requirements

Though preferring good heroes, the guildmasters will accept any applicant who can demonstrate a basic proficiency with the prerequisite abilities: breathing and standing upright. These requirements have weeded out many of those who would have been otherwise unfit to join the guild's ranks.

Rules and customs

Navigator Dragons allows its members to wear the guild emblem, except for purposes that would bring the guild into worse disrepute than usual. It is hard to imagine what those might be.

Navigator Dragons members are known for their love of shiny metallic objects and gemstones, but this is more of a convention than a requirement.

New members are encouraged to add other Navigator Dragons members as friends whenever they have spare Godville invitations.


The largest Navigator Dragons guildhall is located in Godville. The official head guildhall, however, is by guild custom the one in Trollbridge. This is generally assumed to be another example of ND nonconformism, although a few have wondered if it is anything to do with the favourable tax rate in Trollbridge. Bearing in mind the occupancy laws that require a building to be used at least once during the year, it's notable that an annual guild banquet is held in Trollbridge approximately one week before the end of the financial year.

Such apparent organisation is suspicious in light of the Navigator Dragons' ethos of sticking two talons up to anything even vaguely legal. An unidentified guild deity, when asked about this, commented "Did you expect us to follow our own rules? Now excuse me, please; a Solar Bear's wandered off and it was meant to be under observation for a dicky tummy."

Regardless, most guild activity takes place in the Godville guildhall, with occasional group outings to Beerburgh, where the guild is well known.

Layout of the guild hall in Godville


The NDs' Godville hall is an Escheresque nightmare of perverted physics and impossible architecture, but at first glance the ground floor atrium looks quite normal. The guild crest is displayed above the front entrance, as with all ND halls. The grey basalt and granite floor is inlaid with a giant compass rose pattern in gold and red stone to match the crest.

Four large fireplaces are found in this hall, two in each of the side walls. Only one of the fires burns hot; the one opposite radiates cold and is pleasant on summer days or for chilling drinks. The third fire burns at room temperature, which appears singularly useless, while the fourth runs on anti-time, requiring regular feeding with charcoal while it periodically spits out complete logs.

First floor

A wide staircase leads off from the wall opposite the entrance door, spiralling away to the left. On beginning to climb this, a visitor only has to step up four (attractively broad and shallow) stairs before finding they have turned 180 degrees and reached the first floor common room, despite having ascended less than a metre. Most visitors find this architectural impossibility taxing to accept, considering that they should logically still be in the entrance hall, and freak out, much to general amusement.

The first floor common room is equipped with various armchairs, winged and non, as well as some less traditionally shaped soft furnishings and a few animal baskets. Tame and less-than-tame examples of Godville's fauna can frequently be found wandering in and out under the aegis of the Great God Herm, Who apparently studies them. Wiki the Troll, the anthropomorphic personification of GodWiki, is an occasional visitor.

Other floors

Here is where things get surreal. Doors and small atria lead off the first floor common room to a bewildering maze of staircases, chambers and secret passages, many of which should logically collide with each other but don't. Guild members and even monsters can be found wandering around on their own business, apparently unfazed by all this. Nonetheless, however much the guild members may be accustomed to their weird halls, becoming lost must be a real possibility; several of the guild's allies and regular visitors have voiced the suspicion that inactive ND members, and even the guild's mysterious founder, may have succumbed to the unholy geography and be wandering lost through space and time.

It is supposedly possible to reach other towns through this maze of passages and portals. However, doing so reliably or when one actually wants to is a completely different matter.

Guild members

Current Members

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Herm avatar.png Herm - Patriarch
The Great God Herm most usually manifests Itself as a large black dog. Herm is responsible for most of the semi-domesticated monsters running around the guildhall - and supposedly responsible for ensuring that they remain in the guildhall. Herm is something of an artist and gave the guild its snazzy crest, as well as researching and writing the occasional article for GodWiki in Its spare time.
Herm's Hero is a battered alley-cat of a man named Fulgentle Ailurid, red-headed and intense.

Nace-Master Bellr is a kind goddess she normally helps her hero. She is often seen as a wolf or panther. She loves to see her hero grow. But be warned she may look cute and fuzzy ( or not) but be warned this kitty got claws!

The Allmighty Prophet of this guild is Setha. Mysterious as his gods actions.Who is he?

Prophet Mancub: In the Great Arctic lands to the far north, resides a cave dwelling clan known as the Ainu. The Ainu worship the Great Bear god Kamui. Legends tell of beautiful High Priestess known as Lelanie. During the annual Lomanti Ceremony, Kamui appeared in human form, and forced himself upon the High Priestess. A child was conceived from this, and he was named Artaois. Artaois was raised by the priests and priestesses in the temple, however he bore a great hatred for his father, Kamui. Artaois loathed the Great Bear for forsaking him and his mother. As he grew older and more powerful, so did his hatred. At his eighteenth Lomanti Ceremony, Artaois planned his vengeance. Disguised as a bear cub, Artaois laid in wait for Kamui. Upon Kamuis appearance at the sacred alter, Artaois released his anger and killed The Great Bear. The outraged tribal elders shunned Artaois, and he was banned from the clan. Wandering the lands in an aimless drunken stupor, Artaois found himself in Trollbridge. He was in an ale induced coma, on the front steps of the Navigator Dragons guildhall with nothing but a loin cloth and a necklace made of bear claws. It was there that Fulgentle Ailurid found him, and nicknamed him Mancub. Refreshed and cleansed, Mancub rebuilt his life, dedicated to a new god and his saving Guild.

Hilanu: Hilanu is a huge sandstone cat. Mistaken for an ancient statue by a young goblin named Druchik, she has accepted him as her new archpriest to spread her message and revive her worship. She abhors the undead and is fond of healing magics. She has two main tenets: "Strange love" meaning love between all the various races of goodness, from the romantic and sexual, to just cooperative diplomatic efforts of goodness between differing people. The second tenet is that of "the Hunt." Being a cat means she loves hunting, whether it be hunting to provide subsistence for people, or hunting evil wherever it can be found in the world.

Ex Members

Friendly Guilds

The Navigator Dragons have not declared guild war on any other guild within reliably recorded history (at least, no declarations of animosity have been made that anyone remembered the next morning). They have friendly ties to several guilds, including:

The League of Adjudicators
Handy when disputes need adjudication, pizza dough needs spinning, rheumatiz needs medicating or beer needs tasting.
The Ankh-Morpork City Watch
An unusual acquaintance for such an anarchic guild, but explained on the grounds that it's always useful to be on friendly terms with the officer arresting you for Public Impiety or Manifesting Under the Influence.