Mortal Tomcat

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Monsters of Godville
Mortal Tomcat
Tomcati mortale
A Mortal tomcat pictured midflight.
Class Feline
Habitat The highest spot around.
Description A fighter meowzer.

The Mortal Tomcat is a monster found in the high mountains of S'haka, a place not marked in Godville's maps. It remains unclear if it is a mechanical walking plane, others say it is a plane walking mech.

Is it a plane? Is it a cat? Is it a monster?

Yes, yes and yes. The Mortal Tomcat is a shape shifting feline who can turn into a tomcat plane. They come packing machine guns and rockets, though usually they prefer to attack with their teeth and claws.

They'll often jump from a high place and morph mid-air into their plane shape. Their unsuspecting targets will only hear a hiss right before the Mortal Tomcat airstrikes them.

The battle of S'haka

Once in the days of old, a task force of heroes fought their way up the S'haka mountains. The paladins were after a mighty cup of ambrosia.

While they were wrong about the cup, their fighting technique was spot on. The adventurers targeted red beams towards the monsters to disturb their flight. The cats mistook the reds spots for fire and crashed trying to put it out.

To the warriors who climbed the peaks, the lair of the Mortal Tomcats was just a container of eggs and disappointment. But ever since Tomcats fear red-lights, which travellers carry nowadays as if they were holy amulets.

How to survive a Mortal Tomcat's attack

The best tactic is to lay down on the ground and roll towards a safe spot, don't let them see you, soon they'll lose interest on you. If you can't hide just play dead until they go away. If you are a heroine ignore all of the above, you can just fight the monster.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Airborne four-pawed mayhem
  • He can see your head from up there
  • He looks too adorable for you to worry


  • Can't do much against you if you're under cover
  • Afraid of red dots
  • They purr too much for their own good
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