Monsters' Rights Activist

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Monsters of Godville
Monsters' Rights Activist
Class Renegade
Habitat Anywhere there's a crowd of heroes
Totem for ⚜️ 
Description Gaunt and wild-eyed

The Monsters' Rights Activist is a popular and well-known syndicalist monster.


The original Monsters' Rights Activist (MRA) was a renegade villager. Bullied as a child, he left his home village vowing vengeance upon his oppressors. He planned to recruit some heroes in the wild and return at their head to rout the bullies. However, once he saw the way heroes treated monsters, he realised that he had more in common with the monsters than with the heroes, and decided to devote his life to improving the monsters' lot.

Over the years, the original MRA has recruited many other renegades to his cause. Each new recruit quickly adopts the uniform and appearance of the clan - becoming gaunt and wild-eyed, bearded (even the women), clothes holey and ragged from too many rough nights, arms brawny from carrying huge stacks of broadsheets and posters.

It is rumoured among heroes that the MRAs maintain a secret printing press somewhere in the mountains, used to turn out an endless supply of tracts. Nobody has ever bothered to search it out because heroes are motivated by gold, not paper. But the Monsters' Rights Activists never seem to run short of reading matter, and many a desperate hero stepping off the trail for an urgent errand has benefited from a supply of coarse paper delivered by a lurking MRA just at the moment of greatest need.