Money-tree sapling

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Artifacts of Godville
Money-tree sapling
An average money-tree sapling
Type 💎Bold
Description A sapling from the money-tree.

The Money-tree sapling is a bold artifact found in Godville.

General Info

The money-tree sapling comes (logically) from the legendary money-tree found in the city of El Herado. Although they're small, a well watered sapling can provide enough money to buy a decent piece of equipment or a large bar tab. Heroes are too forgetful to take care of a pet let alone a house plant, that's why they usually sell the saplings to merchants, who have both the time and the wits to properly grow a money-tree.

The nursing of a money tree

This mighty plant needs mighty cares to survive and thrive. Here we detail how to grow the sapling in your yard into a tall Money-tree:

  • First drench your yard as if it was a swampy patch, they feel at home in such environments.
  • Find a small pile of dirt within the muddy waters where to plant the sapling.
  • Prepare a mixture of beer, gold and compost and tuck it in the tree's roots to nurture the plant.
  • Shake the tree every now and then to reap your benefits.