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Mjijm is - at once, and in addition to being a student - an author, a poet, a managing editor for a literary magazine, a production manager/set designer/set builder/light and sound designer/lighting technician/crew manager/stage manager for theatrical productions, a photographer, an actor, a poetry slam organizer emcee and competitor, and a farmhand/clerk on a chicken farm. Perhaps that's why he's so tired all the time. A member of the guild Another Guild, he thinks you should quit your guild and join his. Now. Do it. He's also going to post a few recommendations for his favorite things in the fields he's active in, in case you ever wondered what any of those things were all about or wanted to try it yourself. That's going to be the bulk of the page to come.

AUTHOR: If you're looking for a new book, Neil Gaiman's books are always a great place to start - check out American Gods at [1]. If you're looking to start writing yourself, might I suggest [2]?

POET: Poetry is great. Might I suggest Billy Collins [3] or a classic, like The Raven? [4] Or, knock out my literary magazine requirement too (which I'm doing right now) by checking out the Albatross. [5]

THEATER: Right now, I'm listening to [6] and watching [7]

PHOTOGRAPHY: [8]. No explanation needed.

ACTING: Looking for a scene? [9] has me dying of laughter.

POETRY SLAMS: POETRY SLAMS! You can find out what a poetry slam is on [10] or just jump straight in to [11]