Mister Sunshine

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Mister Sunshine
Champion of the God: Apollo Seven
Personality: Badboy
Gender: Male
Motto: ⛊ 日差し!明るい!⛊
Guild: Upgamers
Guild Position: Founder
Pet Type: Trojan Horse
Pet Name: Pinky
Pet Personality: Brutal
Favorite Town: Godville

Hero Life

NONSENSE#1 : No Comedian (7/30/19)

Hero's Diary ▼
16:24 What happened? Where am I? Is this a temple? How did I get here?

Those were my first words after I woke up in a templeーso old and dusty, I wasn't even sure if it was a temple.

Hero's Diary ▼
16:24 I think I get it now. I have the great honor of being chosen for an inscrutable purpose by a supreme being. Thank you, my Lord. I will not let you down!

I lied. I don't get the whole meaning of this. Why am I summoned by a god impostor named Apollo Seven who wants me to call him Lord and build a new golden temple for him? Did I travel to a new world and became a protagonist of a new isekai anime series that everyone will call trash ?

And why is my name Mister Sunshine? What kind of trashy name is that, my Lord? I sound like a comedian!

In Mister Sunshine's imagination...

Emcee: And the performer tonight is no other thanー drum rolls ー Mister Sunshine!

Audience: Claps.

Mister Sunshine: Yo weebs, this is me, Mister Sunshine, the one and only hero of Apollo Seven.

Dude from the audience: ARE YOU GOING TO PERFORM OR WHAT?

Mister Sunshine: Y-Yes, yes. Um, what did Apollo Seven tell me when he didn't win in the Godville Times Daily Newspaper bingo?... 「I Apollo-gize!」

Old lady from the audience: THAT AIN'T ORIGINAL, KID!

Mister Sunshine: I have another one! What is the sun god's pet? It's the Great Bull of Fire.

Audience, altogether: Boooooo! Throws tomatoes at the hero


I totally say no to my name. I am not a comedian and I am totally not a joke.

NONSENSE#2 : Questime! ~ Starting A Journey ~(7/30/19)

Hero's Stats ↓
Figure out what the heck is going on

I set off the old temple and went out to figure out what the heck is going on, as told in the quest.

I hope this quest is easy and needs beer to be completed-.

3 levels and hours later...

Hero's Diary ▼
20:28 Whoa, that's way too complicated. Think I'll return to being blissfully ignorant now. I've finally managed to figure out what the heck is going on. My titanic efforts were rewarded with a golden brick and some pocket change.

And I, a level 5 gentleman, finally finished my first quest. How was that, my Lord?

I walked back to Godville, sold all my stuff, rested a bit, thinking what my future holds if my Lord bestows me one-.

Why is Lord Apollo Seven such an advance thinker? He's pressuring me with a hundred of tasks about yada yada that makes me look dumb.

NONSENSE#3 : もっと Motto (7/31/19)

Hey Lord Apollo Seven, help me out here! I'm a level 7 now and there's this motto thing. It says, 「Winter is coming.」 and that's so unoriginal! Can you think of another motto?


No? You're busy? Hey, um, my Lordー

Uncountable hours later...




Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun~!

Hero's Diary ▼
10:09 “Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun~!” — I like how it sounds.

NONSENSE#4 : Spar? Spar! (7/31/19)

My Lord, I'm bored. Send something to make me happy. You know, like beer or something.

Hero's Diary ▼
12:33 I suddenly realized that Lilian Von Quertz is trying to summon me for an imaginary fight. Starting to materialize my battle slippers.

What the sun? A spar? Hey Lilian, do you know anything about thiー? Woah, why are you attacking me? Hey, wait! Run!

5 minutes and 11 steps later...

Finally, the spar ended. I won't say who won because of privacy issues chu chu~, but it was fun kicking and getting beaten!

NONSENSE#5 : Fate of Arena (8/2/19)

Hey look, Lord, I'm level 10 now. Hah, I know you're proud ofーhuh, what's happening?

Hero's Diary ▼
15:50 An enormous hand came floating down from the sky and slapped me, sending me flying into the air... I landed in the middle of the arena with a strong thirst for combat.

Arena was fun, but mostly because my opponent's god was AFK and that didn't bring much trouble to me.

So yeah, I won my first fight.

NONSENSE#6 : Guild Making (8/5/19 - 8/8/19)

Hero's Stats ↓
Start the “Upgamers” guild in Godville

And for unknown reasons, my Lord gave me this quest (there's actually a reason, he says).

Hero's Diary ▼
11:14 Finally! Now there is the “Upgamers” guild in Godville and I'm its first member!

I hope you're proud, Angry One.

Hero's Diary ▼
11:23 I think “⛊ 日差し!明るい!⛊” is a great motto — sounds proud and elegant.

「Hizashi! Akarui!」means Sunshine and sunny personality.

NONSENSE#7 : That Eye Thingy (8/8/19)

After I got 6000 coins from Angry One's bingo prize, he punished me to get a gold brick and this happened.

NONSENSE#8 : Till DeathーRESSURECT ME LORD! (8/14/19)

Hero's Diary ▼
15:44 After finishing me off, the Ninja Pirate crammed my body in a package marked “Return to sender” and stamped it as “Damaged goods”.


3 hours later...

Almighty, yo, ressurect me please. I'm sorry I died. This Ninja Pirー

Hero's Diary ▼
18:11 Divine forces took the ceremonial offering and disassembled it without my permission. There was an ice cream sculpture, a mana lotion, an “Amazing Anatomy” book and some monster's ink inside.

Oh cool, thanks, now I can die again.

NONSENSE#9 : It's SKILLING Time (8/14/19)

Hero's Diary ▼
18:34 Good news, Angry One! I learned a very useful new skill: “awkward silence”. At least the traveling master who trained me promised it was very useful.

NONSENSE#10 : Pet (8/25/19)

Oh look, Angry One, meet Koda, my pet dust bunny! I'm making Kellen of Galaxia jealous so her goddess would bless our wedding!

NONSENSE#11 : Pet Death (11/14/19)

Hero's Diary ▼
04:37 I heard that if you love someone, you should set them free. I released Koda into the wild to pursue his hopes and dreams. Meanwhile, I'm off to pursue all my greatest ambitions, in the tavern.

Angry One, you might think it's all easy but, sniff, it's not. I'm actually going to the tavern now because, sniff, I want to drown these sad emotions and—wails.

NONSENSE#12 : Pet 2 (11/23/19)

Hero's Diary ▼
20:32 After such a glorious battle with the Trojan Horse I could not bring myself to deliver the finishing blow. Instead, he will be my new companion. Come along, Pinky, let's go questing!

Moving on from the past! Finally I got a Trojan Horse and his name is Pinky which is the same name as my girlfriend FRIEND, Kellen's old pet's name!