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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Granfaloon minotaur.jpg
Class Monstrous Humanoid
Habitat Deserts, Mountains, Taverns and Nightclubs
Description A half-man, half-bull on vacation
Boss Type 1-Ability Dungeon

The Minotourist (Minotaurus viator) is a boss-monster.

Once in a great while, a Minotaur goes on vacation. Favorite Minotourist touring spots include the Great Lava Desert of Trogh and Eastern Magmatic Plumules. Adventurous Minotourists enjoy mountain-climbing in the Jagged Peaks and World's Apex, or spelunking and dwarf-hunting in The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory. Minotourists looking for a chill time have been known to visit Last Resort, while those on a budget seek out the Balsamic Cheese Inn in Monsterdam.

Minotourists love house music. They tend to be bad dancers, as they are top-heavy.

Though they try to relax, Minotourists rarely succeed, and Heroes should not be fooled by the tropical shirts, ten-gallon hats worn to hide the deadly horns, cargo shorts full of traveler's checks and candy, or the cheap flip-flops. Minotourists are still Minotaurs at heart, and are especially prone to road rage. They will tear through the color red.

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