Millennium Falcon

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Monsters of Godville
Millennium Falcon
Falco manis
Millenium falcon.jpg
Class Bird
Habitat Jagged Peaks
Totem for Jedi Order ⚜️ 
Description Mythical Falcon of great strength

The Millennium Falcon (Falco manis) is a monster capable of flying through space.

General Information

The Millennium Falcon is an ancient race and, possibly the only non-sentient creatures capable of surviving in space. They are definitely the only animals that can travel through hyperspace unaided. It was by hitching a lift with these birds, in exchange for the secret of their laser powers, that the lightsaber-toothed tigers travelled to Godville. Once they had arrived many Millennium falcon decided that they preferred Godville to the harsh conditions of space and made their nests in the Jagged Peaks.

The Millennium Falcons were not adversaries to be taken lightly, but after having celebrated their 1000th birthday they turned senile and having lost their power of flight due to feather loss they became mad and declared heroes as their favourite food. The Millennium Falcon are very old and very cranky, and due to their increasing feather loss they resorted to wandering around the forest areas searching for heroes to pick on, they're not very big and as such, they will often only eat only one hero per day and just injure the other ones for being 'young reckless nitwits'



  • Deadly lasers-pew pew pew
  • Know a lot of long boring stories to distract heroes with.
  • A wide lexicon mostly unknown to heroes often causes confusion.
  • Their old appearance and age make heroes unwilling to strike, especially good ones.


  • Strangely they can be warded off by scarecrows
  • Too large to manoeuvre in enclosed areas
  • Unable to hold things due to lack of arms
  • Will often forget who they are, where they are, and what they are doing there.
  • Can't follow you if you fly away.
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