Milestone Golem

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Monsters of Godville
Milestone Golem
Class Golem
Habitat Near Milestones
Description Milestone Brought to Life

The Milestone Golem is a monster that was once an ordinary milestone. This milestone, after no longer being a milestone, became enchanted with special magic and became a monster. This monster's body is made up of a single milestone, acting as a body, and magical energy that behaves like limbs. There are many kinds of Milestone Golems.

General Information

Every once in a while, due to aging and exposure to nature, a milestone needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. The old milestones are typically thrown out to never be seen again. However, for some unknown reason, the retired milestones become golems that run around and act as quite an annoyance to anyone nearby. However, the Milestone Golems are typically easy to defeat and are relatively weak monsters.

Even though the source of the Milestone Golems is unknown, many have noticed an interesting pattern in when they suddenly animate. The weather outside affects their behavior and magic. Golems born on sunny days are typically bouncy and energetic. If the weather is stormy or extremely windy, they form wings and their behavior can be completely random. During rain, the golems born will be aggressive, and for snowy weather, the golems may be able to levitate and typically seem to be highly intelligent.

Heroes are recommended to fight Milestone Golems with heavy weapons and explosive magic, because they are extremely easy to break. Usually, into several pieces.



  • Somewhat strong
  • Not very heavy
  • Small


  • Fragile body
  • Predictable
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