Methylated Spiritualist

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Monsters of Godville
Methylated Spiritualist
Spiritus methylioméno
Class Human
Habitat Abandoned distilleries.
Totem for Freemasons
Description A minty, minty, hooded figure.

The Methylated Spiritualist (Spiritus methylioméno) is a monster that was the last of a cult destroyed in a freak accident involving a large barrel of fuel.


The cult the Methylated Spiritualist was involved in was in the midst of communing with the spirits possessing a flammable liquid, when a spark from their ritual torches fell in. This caused a large explosion, killing all of them save one.[1] This last member is doomed to walk the earth alone for the rest of his cursed existence, as the accident has imbued him with a flawed immortality: he may only speak in the language of spirits (which sounds like groans to the average hero); he smells like methylated spirits until the end of time.



  • The tragic, saddened rage of someone who has lost everyone he knew has imbued him with unnatural strength.
  • An ability to summon spirits to fight alongside him, though this ability is limited to the number of members that were in the cult.[2]


  • Heroines can smell him coming from a mile away.
  • He is fairly unsteady on his feet, as the smell has caused an eternal headache.
  • Strong pyrophobia, stemming from the accident. Heroes are advised to bring a torch into battle with this monster, or, at the very least, a match.


  1. Rumors hold that he had stepped away for a refill of holy creme de menthe.
  2. Around five, as stated in their holy book, "Talking to Spirits for Dummies."
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