Meowntain Cat

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Monsters of Godville
Meowntain Cat
Felis montis catus
Class Felidae
Habitat Close to normal mountains.
Description The purrest living mountain.

The Meowntain Cat (Felis montis catus) is a small, mountain-sized cat monster that can be encountered in the world of Godville.


The Meowntain Cat is quite the mystery among the monsters of Godville: no one exactly knows when the first appeared, or where the current ones come from.[1] The little we know comes from the unexpected encounters heroes have reported.

Sizes of specimens seem to vary from three meters to ten meters tall,[2] but the very few scientists studying the monster suggest that smaller and larger specimens may exist. They note that some renowned mountains could actually be sleeping or deceased giant Meowntain Cats.[3]

These mysterious monsters seem to live close to mountains where they can camouflage easily when sleeping. Reports claim that vegetation seems to develop easily on this heavily sleeping cat, implying that any Meowntain Cat could be the haven of yet unknown species of plants and trees. Heroes also witnessed different monsters seeming to live on the bigger specimens, opening the possibility of a symbiotic relationship between the Meowntain Cat and other monsters.[4]


Experts suggest that the Meowntain Cat actually absorbs a little of other monsters' energies to survive, but this has yet to be proven.[5] Possibly the cats unable to gain enough sustenance this way resort to attacking heroes and heroines.

Though no one credible has witnessed a Meowntain Cat falling sleep, another theory estimates that the monster probably sleeps 24 hours-a-day for years, and only wakes up when annoyed by unaware passersby. On waking, Meowntain Cats may unconsciously disturb and damage the surrounding environment until they find a new place to nap, totally ignoring everything else, including heroes trying to hurt them.[6]

While heroes can't really hurt a Meowntain Cat they still "fight" it. Experts agree that the monster probably falls sleep, and the heroes believe they have defeated it when they can cut grass and fell trees on it, sometimes revealing gold and artifacts. However, the truth is known only to the magnificent Gods.



  • Camouflage into mountains.
  • Possibly long lifespan.
  • May slowly absorb energy from surroundings to live.


  • Noticeable from far away when not sleeping.
  • Lazy, heavy sleeper.
  • Vulnerable to other monsters' mass extinction.


  1. Most of the geneticists questioned were too busy studying the possible common origin of bears and beers to investigate the Meowntain Cat. The geologists did not respond to queries.
  2. Approximate measurements reported by heroes who just spread their arms claiming, "It was ten times taller than this and three times larger than that!"
  3. "Survey of Felis montis catus," published in 2783 g.e.
  4. "There was a Biowolf trying to stay on the Meowntain Cat, hanging onto a tree branch, with its eyes popping out!" Amused hero, Monsterdam, 2801 g.e.
  5. "The lack of volunteer test subjects is the main reason why the question has not be resolved yet. That, and the better funding on beer-related subjects." Interview of a self-proclaimed scientist in lab-coat with a beer in hand in The Mended Drum, Godville, 2937 g.e.
  6. "It was a big giant rock cat, I tell you! It destroyed everything!" Recorded ravings of a random drunk hero who no one believed at the time, Heisenburg, 1791 g.e.
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