Meadow of Everlastingnight

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Meadow of Everlastingnight is a magical place where no sunlight will shine in. It is a meadow that bedded in everlastingnight where only moon rises from east and falls on west.

Meadow of Everlastingnight gardens lots of night blooming plants and flower, it is a perfect place for a night garden. Due to the lack of sunlight, plants in this meadow have lower lifespan, however due to the continuous moonlit, the plants had gain magical life essence.

Meadow of Everlastingnight located in the deeper part of DreamTales & Fairy Land.This meadow owns by the guild Kings Queens midnight tea party with Alice and some anonymous rabbits for Camellia sinesis plantation, which is tea. The combination of white tea and black tea with Queen of the Night flower had served the name of Midnight Prominence, signature tea of King Queens midnight tea party with Alice and some anonymous rabbits Guild.

Meadow of Everlastingnight entrance from a big cherry blossom tree. Around the tree, is a big field of wild red roses owned by Rosie Garden family. Right behind the tree is a huge rock, which indicates the meadow is inside the rock, magically. While under the tree,blossoming flowers and petals flew all over the place, with the infusion of fragrance of the roses. It is rumored that the cheery blossom tree and the roses here is affected magically which allows them to blossom all the time, a perfect place for a magical meadow to be located.

While standing under the cherry blossom tree, there's no significant hole at the tree, but there's one secret passage behind the tree, which is the rock covered with lots of entangled roses on it, and the path is hidden. To reveal the passage, a cup of tea is needed to be served. To whom? To the magical tree of course.

Entering the passage was a dark cave, a cave that only mosses grow on the walls. It is too no ordinary moss, they are all glowing in blue, just like stars, they guide and lit the dark cave, leading to an exit of the cave, or an entrance, to the Meadow of Everlastingnight.

Took a step out from the cave, beneath our feet is a purple lawn grass, due to the long shine of moonlight, even grasses have magical colors. Looking up the sky, is a beautiful starry night, with the accompany of the blue and purplish moon. The midnight breeze brings along the fragrance of blossoming flowers. Along the meadow gardens various of night blooming flowers. Evening primrose, moon flowers, night gladiolus, casablanca lily, and more could be seen blooming everywhere at the meadow with the moonlit and slight glimmers of the flowers. The meadow is a place where its horizon is wider than ever had thought. There held few hills of camellia sinesis, the tea plant. With the moonlit and midnight breeze, light fragrance of teas flew and circulates the air. Not to mention the nightblooming cereus, a cacti that grows flowers which bloom for one night in a year, Queen of the night. Theres blue butterflies and purple butterflies that glow in the dark, flipping their wings spreading pollens and love of nectars. Meadow of Everlastingnight, the paradise for midnight lovers.