Masters of Earth and Heaven

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Masters of Earth and Heaven
Motto: Meh, whatever...
Alignment: neutral
Gold Fund: 23037 c.u.
Date Founded:  12 September 2011
Membership Count: 79
Town with Greatest Influence: Beerburg (1%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 196
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 128
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 217
Forum Headquarters: Masters of Earth and Heaven
Guild Page: Masters of Earth and Heaven 
Data current as of 22 February 2015

We are the Masters of Earth and Heaven. We are the Balance.


Masters of Earth and Heaven seek out justice and vengeance when appropriate. We are not motivated by money or greed but by balance. The balance of Earth and Heaven. The balance of good and evil. We strive to maintain the balance. On the other hand, we cannot be bothered with petty affairs.

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How to Join

To convince your hero to join the Masters of Earth and Heaven you must send this command to your hero.

Join "Masters of Earth and Heaven" guild

For your best chance at success, send the command while your hero is outside of town and idling. (i.e. not fighting a monster) If the above does not work after several attempts, try replacing the "join" with the "enroll".


GodGyndius  Titles: Guild Founder / God of Recreation

As the founder of our guild, Gyndius is intensely devoted to having fun!

GodBabyAmes  Titles: Guild Co-Founder / Goddess of Inebriation & Restoration!

BabyAmes was all that is awesome. Mostly because she created the taverns we all love and enjoy, but also because she's the one who took care of us (and our hangovers)!

The Masters

Godville has conveniently created a page for every guild with the roster! Here is a link to our Guild Roster.

Famous Retired Gods/Godesses

GodRadiant one  Titles: Guild Co-Founder / Goddess of Wisdom

Radiant one was wise and knowledgeable of many things. She is missed by all who met her.

Favorite Hero Quotes

  • The trader was impressed by my “Masters of Earth and Heaven” guild membership card. Received a Jedi's light saber as a free gift.
  • A wandering monk told me about a god who could turn water into wine. Nothing special - my god turns entire monsters into gold, experience, and beer.
  • Practiced falling down to get myself ready for the next battle.
  • I managed to survive that battle relatively unscathed, exCept fOr thE brAIn daMAg3\..
  • I am a leaf on the wind... Watch how I soar.
  • “Masters of Earth and Heaven” signs appeared on all the walls and buildings in town in glowing paint. This will show the other guilds that Herowin is our territory now, at least until they paint it over again.


Join us. You know you want to!