Make sure all their base are belong to us

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Make sure all their base are belong to us
Difficulty: 8/10

Make sure all their base are belong to us is a quest hero do for reward.

Quest takes approximately (12 hours real time) to complete.

Reward from completion: Gold brick

It very important for hero to first meet CATS. If not meet CATS, fail. CATS will say "all your base are belong to us." If he not say, he not CATS.

Next, after meeting CATS, hero must fly Zero Wing plane and count all base. Sometimes, hero get set up bomb. Also are make sure get signal. If hero loses count of base, hero must all begin again. If one base no belong, then all us have great problem. If hero confirm all base, then must fill out form 128-AZ to confirm who all base are belong to. If hero need help, Taito or Williams Electronics are contact. Hero can dance to excellent Zero Wing music.

Sometime, tricky base owners no say who they belong to. This causes problem, hero must show weapon, be mean, and strong to get base owner to say who belong to. After, it ok.

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