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Geography of Godville
A ruin at the head of the Mainstream.
Description Unknown


Mainstream is one of the most famous places in all of Godville, as it is often even spoken of in the legendary land known as the real world. It is often said that cultural ideas generally accepted by society flow through here and keep the land surrounding the stream both luscious and green. Strange ideas are often swept away by the undertow where heroes cannot follow-through or utilize them in town without being looked at funny - and we all know heroes hate that.


This stream is literally the main stream in Godville. It is the stream which all others streams strive to be like. When heroes skip stones here, other streams begin to push their stones to their banks to make them available to heroes passing by there. If a tree should emerge in the middle of Mainstream, other streams will allow a seed to take root underwater there as well. If the rain falls mainly on the plains here, then other streams will be sure to avoid as much rain fall as they are able to in order to have the same water level as Mainstream. Anything that attempts to swim upstream instead of the direction of the water is said to be "going against the flow" and is often ostracized or at least made fun of on occasion during drunken rants by heroes or heroines at the local tavern.


The confluence of the River Kraktor from the west and the River Stinks from the east, south of Beerburgh. The Mainstream flows south into the Qu'tox Ocean via the Hypergiant Delta.

Territories and Landmarks
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