Mad Clown

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Monsters of Godville
Mad Clown
Class Humanoid
Habitat Backyards, outside birthday parties
Description A furious entertainer of children

The Mad Clown (Maccus demens) is a boss-monster that may be encountered at the end of the mini-quest "Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns." This mad clown used to be a just a sweet transvestite from the planet Transsexual Transylvania until one day, someone brought him a tomato and cream cheese sandwich with the crusts still on. His therapist had been telling him to show his true emotions rather than holding them all in, so he knew what he had do. He decided to finally take his own advice of "Don't dream it, be It..." which he had sang on screen so many years ago. Thereafter; he became the child-eating, shape-shifting clown we all know and love.



  • Pure evil incarnate
  • Can turn into whatever the hero fears most
  • Finds some heroes are really afraid of its clown form
  • Most people don't read his autobiography due to its length
  • Razor-sharp teeth, the better to eat you with
  • Looks into your soul.


  • Has forgotten how to tie balloon animals
  • Has no personality to speak of & has no charm or table manners
  • Takes about three hours in the bathroom to put on its makeup
  • Its nose will "honk" when grabbed, making the hero laugh & less scared
  • If the hero stands up to it, the monster will vanish
  • Secretly is afraid of itself.

Mini-Quest Progression (Artifact Award)

  1. Send in the clowns (coins, experience, or nothing)
  2. Fear nothing but fear itself, and clowns
  3. Show the opponent his deepest fear, traumatizing him badly
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